The CCJ Ruling would restore Guyana to a democratic state

first_imgDear Editor,The CCJ will make its ruling today, and all eyes are focused on this event. The reason for me saying this is that, barring a sweeping or comprehensive ruling, Granger is still in control, which automatically leads to the rigging of the next election.In that regard, careful attention has to be placed on that aspect of the ruling as to whether the GECOM Chairman remains in office, or not; that is the main issue under consideration.I am not in the least interested in the 34 absolute majority nonsense passed by The Guyana Court of Appeal. That, in itself, is a non-issue; 33 is the greater half of a 65-seat parliament, and that is final, end of discussion.The Caribbean Court cannot rule otherwise. Therefore, whether Patterson remains at the helm of GECOM is our main concern. Because, once he remains in office, the floodgates of the PNC are open for a barefaced, full-fledged rigging exercise of the next election. The plans are already in place for this age-old PNC strategy to materialise; which can become a reality if the CCJ makes the horrendous mistake of having him remain in office.I am optimistic that the Caribbean’s final court had taken careful note of Guyana’s disgraceful electoral history, wherein rigging was a way of life once the PNC was in office. It is a disgraceful part of history that we do not want to relive; we want this dark cloud to be removed from our country.For that very same reason, Granger handpicked Mr. Patterson for the job. he had this plan all up his sleeves when he rejected 18 names provided by the Opposition Leader and unilaterally appointed Patterson. His motive was as clear as day for that move. Uppermost in Granger’s mind was the fact that, should things come to a head, as they already have, then he should be afforded the grand opportunity to fall back on Plan B, and that is, to hold a fraudulent electoral process with the expressed blessings of his handpicked GECOM Chairman.This has been the PNC’s modus operandi for 28 years, and if push comes to shove, it would be tried again. So, to this end, the Carter Formula which is engraved in our Constitution must be reactivated and made to work again. Democracy must take its rightful place again. The rights of the people of this great country must be re-energised and respected again. Other than this, the vision of a new, prosperous and democratic Guyana and CARICOM has been in vain.Respectfully,Neil Adamslast_img