The choice of keywords love Shanghai for promotion tutorial how to better

two is the core keywords can not be too

is a keyword not too hot

and its rivals fight the words position, than to choose some more long tail word, long tail keywords bring customers into the probability of customer website products is much higher than the core keywords. There are a large number of long tail keywords website, its brings the total capacity is very large. Long tail keywords is extensibility, strong pertinence, wide range. Take a tour of customer management in SEMadmin team account speaking, we can with the words "Suzhou tourism" as the basic keyword expansion. Such as: for better off >

many small and medium-sized enterprise customers to choose popular keywords, in Shanghai to promote sex when why? A large flow is a high degree of concern, suitable for the brand. Three is feeling the effect is good, the usual Shanghai dragon, spending months of their energy and resources to the front, but there are still a lot of pressure on the head to pay promotion link. Four curiosity too heavy, some leading companies total love about competitors keyword bid, especially those used for many years in Shanghai version of the classic love promotion system people love this one. Many enterprises in a lot of contact with customers in their SEMadmin web interface does not look good, the website access speed slow, often can not open the page and many do not exist, contact is not obvious, no installation of online customer service system and web site statistics analysis system, management consulting staff rarely causes visitors friendly experience is very poor, it some enterprise website as phishing sites do fine easy to make visitors click online consultation or pick up the phone. So when the website construction is not perfect before feeling is not recommended to choose some words for traffic. This can only make you lose confidence in love Shanghai for promotion. We should choose some suitable for their own strength of the currently popular word.

many companies love Shanghai bidding management personnel from the network Department of the company, and even from the administrative department, financial department and other departments to transfer over the post. Due to the lack of network marketing skills, in the choice of words more emphasis on core words of some products or services, such as product name, name and type. Keywords the core is almost every competitor in the use of words, this word competition is big, the visitors in the search for these words of love more than three goods. Such words are often high, showing the amount of click rate is low, high, low bid advisory capacity leads to the low rate of return on investment.

management of love Shanghai for promotion of the SEMer selection of keywords is homely food. The effect of initial assessment from the choice of keywords to the late middle, continuous removal and joining of keyword marketing effect is good. The keyword operations as the core of the whole work of SEM. In the face of the tens of thousands of words, what kind of keywords is suitable for their own marketing needs? The next SEMadmin years to love Shanghai for promotion account management experience about keyword selection should follow several principles.

Shanghai Longfeng reflection the basic perfection is their

we want to know, Shanghai dragon only after all a website optimization package, an auxiliary means, it is always in the amplification site value amplification of user experience, can make the website user experience is improved.

the development of the Internet since 20 years, changes can be described as China’s website is the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization also change rapidly, come into being. Today, we face many impetuous progressives, blindly seeking new website Shanghai dragon Er, sometimes had to sigh about different times are different, more like Shanghai Longfeng early predecessors. This is equivalent to what we see in the N version of journey to the West and the N version of the legend of the Condor Heroes, don’t feel what, but also think that the 86 version of journey to the west, the 83 edition of the legend of the Condor Heroes is more like the classic. As shown below:

  1、静态html;2、META标签的自然性.完整性;3、title中包含页面中密度最高的关键词;4、URL的深度最大为3级;5、URL中含有关键词的拼音或者英文单词;6、页面关键词密度(原则3%-5%,高峰值30%);7、内容的原创性;8、与其他网站相比的内容的重复度9、使用html语义;10、HTML页面文件大小;11、域名下文件群的数量级;12、内链的通畅性(去除无效内链);13、外连的广泛性和深度;14、外链中锚文本的应用;15、服务器的响应速度、带宽;16、网站的整体结构;17、PR值及A排名;18、社会性网站给予的反向链接;19、外链的多样性(非同网站的导出的多链接);20、减少外部的垃圾信息引发的外链;2 1, soft culture promotion; 22, with 301404 back to the home page; 23, correct writing robots.txt; 24, the right to submit SITEMAP.XML; 25, the history of the domain name, time, trust.

we put these points of Shanghai dragon and is now commonly used to do some comparison will find on the map, basically we are now often mentioned, but most of them are still applicable. Thus, with the development of the times, the past Shanghai Longfeng summed up a lot of excellent technical methods and precautions are useful, and these are the predecessors of valuable experience and knowledge of the essence, completely from the perspective of the user, to provide the best value of information and experience for the user, which is constantly changing search engines have the same theme. Therefore, Shanghai dragon must make sense of their own, more or less do innovation, then is to adhere to, enough careful and have patience. The pursuit of new technology, new thinking, advanced skills for the pursuit of the pursuit of updated, rankings and included too quick success and vain agitation and so on, these are not the slightest benefit on the website of Shanghai Longfeng work.

Share exchange Links jiuyinzhenjing

first is included, it is strongly recommended is to stand in the tool (tool.chinaz贵族宝贝), can be found a lot of things. I believe we have to use it not unfamiliar with it, I will not nonsense. It also has a love of Shanghai, we have to look at his comprehensive collection, last month, last week, a day included. It should also look at the snapshot. If you see a website PR6, last month included 300, last week included 0, included every day 0, this site is basically a month to update a search engine, the website PR6 how credible! A lot of cases, it is pr hijacked.

, I want to emphasize its website PR, many just contact the novice or do some Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon for a long time but did not study Shanghai Longfeng webmaster exchange links when they first see is PR, if you know that there is a method called PR hijacking if you will not go see PR, because PR is not true. Google also said, PR is not so important. I just want to tell you that PR is not decided your site to a final index you have no value. If I go to exchange Links I won’t see each other website PR is how much, included the amount I will look at the other site, his reverse link, how much is the website weight. Here involves three issues, how included, reverse link and weight.

Page Authority:76/100, said the page weight score of 76 out of 100. Domain Authority:72/100 said the domain name weight score of 72 out of 100. Linking Root Domains:1479, said the external links from 1479 domains. Finally, Total>

for most of the webmaster, their way of doing outside the chain to a forum post, another is mainly through the exchange of Links. Indeed, Links on our website optimization promotion is essential. After all, its quality is relatively high, the cost is relatively low. Then we exchange Links when the need to pay attention to what the local

: at PR, see included, outside the chain, the weight of

Don’t is a little

in fact to the attention of the local or pretty much, the title is a bit exaggerated, but do the following points, we do Links can let us do the chain, Shanghai Longfeng multiplier effect.


then see external links and weights, YAHOO canceled the external links query, everyone will have their own view of the chain method, here I recommend a tool: 贵族宝贝, we want to query their input in the form. For example, the input of Shanghai Longfeng station why. The results are as follows:

The first

Shanghai Longfeng optimization process analysis of general idea of my writing


second, must pay more attention to the latest trends in industry analysis of the whole industry. All products on the market enterprise station, then, certainly there are many identical or similar products, the industry is our best dynamic writing source material in general, each industry has the relevant industry portal site, we can pay attention to the latest industry on the new release of the relevant information, understand the competition the opponent will pay attention to the details in the process of writing in these materials, we are writing to make good use of the valuable resources of writing.

first, we must stand in the perspective of the user needs to article writing. The writing process is not blind or blind to McCain, a lot of the time we stand in the user perspective, we know that a product may function is a point of everyone’s attention, but for the industry may be some application category of product parameters, the product is we are very concerned about the details of this. I’ll be along the way to play, then, for different types of product difference and relation of these details is also very concerned about the customer, I will spend more effort in these areas to design some high quality articles.

fourth, should pay attention to the user experience of the article itself. I think a good article is not the quality of writing more, most of the time we should pay attention to the whole article in the process of reading experience, so the basic elements to our Shanghai Longfeng Er clear understanding, such as paragraph, the layout or appropriate to video graphic combination we find it difficult to express vague words narration, these are writing category, many owners think the accumulation of writing text is in fact not the case, the use of comprehensive many media elements to enrich the content of our article is actually, in order to enable users to intuitively clear through these information, we want to express the meaning clearly so, the appropriate time to enhance itself content > FENG

website optimization can not fail to mention the problem of writing, for the optimization of the content in the course of writing thinking is a lot of novice owners are headache problem, especially the enterprise products exhibition, the website itself capable of writing material is very limited, this time we want to explore some writing skills to improve our writing ideas, then. How should the

third, the writing of the article should also pay more attention to the station keywords. We are writing a website to leave the user, allowing users to see our corporate value through the website, and of course, we should take into account the search engine, you need to understand to optimize your key to highlight those keywords in writing an article at the same time, the subject or the long tail word we will at the discretion of each article consider and join, because a website optimization keywords very important point is the topic of your article is around you to optimize the deployment, we do not advocate excessive into words, but the optimal thinking or in writing articles to understand.

Shanghai Dragon inspirational movies to survive is a hero

my story begins at the end of June 2013. Prior to this, in the famous Shanghai dragon medical industry, once for a long time, I believe many people started out more or less touched or heard of this industry. I came to the end of June in the development of a medium-sized company, belongs to the traditional food industry, but are being developed in the field of electronic commerce, has its own B2C mall.

general contact to a website, will start from the station of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis. A little bit of a diagnosis, really found many loopholes, for the establishment of the time basically did not take into account Shanghai Dragon: dynamic URL, repeated TDK, a large collection of text content, a large number of samples. This a few busy, just started to change, found himself no authority, part of the basic background program in the hands of the technical department independently, even modify the conditions of tittle are not, the system can not be general. Empire wordpress. The most deadly is that not only is the technical department technical department website, is the entire company’s technology department, in addition to the website, there are a lot of things out of order. Therefore, I want to change what need to line up an appointment, but also by the unified technology to change, not you want to move on the move. But a change requires one batch to change, there is no technical conditions make you a step by step, so that the search engine is not too friendly. Sometimes the demand is not known.

station is more difficult to modify than imagined

recently through the exchange will hear a very classic words: it looks more gorgeous under the industry, may have more hard work in silence, including the miraculous Shanghai dragon industry. Shanghai Longfeng, search engine optimization, whether Chinese or Chinese are pretty cool, but under the struggling hard to force out of the industry rate of thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers, in fact, is very high. I had also come halfway down, now the industry is more positive thinking.

the next job is boring heavy pressure alexander. The following are the three biggest problems, not only is the technical level.


for the purpose of this article is to give you some of my colleagues, encourage. No matter how you look at the Shanghai dragon, since in this industry, you should try to dig its flash point, try to butt their interests with it, really put the things to the extreme Shanghai dragon.

I entered the company’s responsibility is very clear, the company is responsible for the work of Shanghai Longfeng mall B2C. Very lucky and very unfortunately, I must be a person to pick up the burden of Shanghai dragon. From my own perspective, of course I am looking forward to this job, I hope that the electricity supplier has been in contact, but also responsible for such a large Shanghai dragon himself, for me is a very good exercise opportunity.

n those years the website promotion method you are using it



two, classified information platform to promote

those years classified information website promotion way is because the weight of classified information website become fashionable for a time, is very high, make the promotion of this kind of platform is mainly to effectively occupy the home of the long tail keywords ranking. The increase for a long period of time, my Xiaofeng lottery website in this way ranking effect is very good, but also very large and chain extension. Now do the webmaster is less and less, because love Shanghai the adjustment of the algorithm, this kind of website not what ranking.

those years of soft promotion is no ground for blame. No good writing skills, can do a good effect. After all, there are good.

believe that many webmaster BBS promotion is still in use, in the website promotion, the resources can not be lost. I was doing the Xiaofeng lottery website, also can use the resources to do the promotion. In those years the Forum promotion is a naked advertising, good is to make good use of the forum signature, signature in the forum set to my Xiaofeng lottery site 贵族宝贝 links, a large number of replies, post. Do not care about the quality of posts, focusing on the promotion link. There is often a do things carelessly, "well", "top", "good" such reply.

, a forum to promote

soft Wen promotion

I is the lottery website promotion Xiaofeng they do I insist on doing, and do better and better. Now this lottery website Xiaofeng my promotion methods, but the method of adjustment. The focus is on the long tail keyword ranking, but not the promotion of my lottery station home page link, focused on the promotion of page links, love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, page ranking is the love love Shanghai. They can be in an invincible position.

promotion methods such blatant more, the forum moderator in order to purify the environment, increase efforts to crack down on this post, but also love Shanghai the adjustment of the algorithm, the effect of such a promotion is poor. Such a situation, I do use the resources Xiaofeng lottery website promotion link, it also changed, also a lot. I basically do not have the individuality signature promotion, promotion website I Xiaofeng lottery through high quality posts with links, increase the site outside the chain.

has many Xiaofeng Xiaofeng lottery website optimization, website promotion methods exploration and accumulation, how to find a suitable way of marketing Xiaofeng lottery website is especially important in these methods. For the optimization of the site itself to achieve the ultimate Xiaofeng lottery, I often analyze the competition website optimization method. Take the essence, to its dregs, some competitors, I also have no rivals, the optimization method I have. Love Shanghai in the adjustment of the algorithm, the optimization method also needs to be adjusted, but no matter how to adjust, the same website promotion method is the so-called change from the pope. In those years the website promotion method you still use

Ajie sanbanfu combat link new ranking is more stable

remember the celebrity Han Han shop selling books on taobao贵族宝贝, newly opened shop a week, sold more than 2000 pen, within a week of credit from zero to two drill, only won praise has been as high as more than 600, Taobao immediately automatic filtering system that is speculation, thus sealing (brush reputation) Han Han shop. After all, celebrity is a celebrity, although the final twists and turns and re opened his store, but from this incident, we can see: a new index of some shops growth is too fast, will be regarded as cheating.

link correlation:

According to legend, Taobao

like this, focus on the search area of Shanghai and noble love baby will be more sophisticated. Imagine if a new station in just a few days, increased N how high the weights of the links, their filters will be how to deal with? Because of this consideration, when I do the railway station, the first step in the construction of the chain is from the start of his relationship. Since this is the actual articles, I’m afraid I stand on the board, it severely criticized for everyone. I do is on collagen products, domain name registration date is 2011-2-23, the establishment date is 2011-2-24 evening, it should be 20 days, twenty days, Adger focuses on the relevance of the chain construction, the noble baby did not let me into the sandbox, Shanghai love let me in ten days at present, the main word ranking, for a new station should be very good, which shows that the construction of the chain correlation achieved initial success.

The construction method of

Shanghai Longfeng, get good rankings is our dream, for a new sites, how to get good rankings, is a very worth to study things, Adger not only, to talk about my personal point of view, aims to initiate, inadequacies also hope expert advice one or two. Link three axes sorting according to the execution order are the following three points: relevance, universality, weight of. Some friends may put forward different views, I can put the weight of a put, put correlation of the last one, is it not? Because this paper is mainly about the new Shanghai dragon, for the construction of the chain has the way is very important, otherwise it is easy to search engine in the sandbox 32 months are likely.

may raise objections, easier said than done, a new station to find relevant sites to get links for ah, in fact is not likely to change, if you do not change, not to change the intentions to operate, "

, find related site exchange links

" " Cheng Yaojin, Tang Chuan; sanbanfu is very good, basically can be effective within three axes, cut the enemy in the horse; this article is not to write a novel, but through some practical experience to summarize Adger, in order to better remember, or more attractive to some, some will the paper named "three tricks" link ranking more stable. Clear, this is definitely not the legend of the title of the party.

See expert web site on 800 thousand P Shanghai Longfeng law of constant subversion

First look at the

cattle station, a short time tight encirclement, to obtain stable keywords ranking, survive in June and October of the anti cheating algorithms, he must have a place worthy of study. Whether it is envy or jealousy or not, many webmaster struggling on the chain and content, may grasp more sophisticated Shanghai Dragon technology, there is no such Shanghai dragon performance. The spirit of Shanghai Longfeng exploration, to dissect the mystery.

is currently included in the website to love Shanghai is around 160 thousand, love Shanghai site query value is accurate or not, the site capacity estimation in the number of 15-20 million pages. That is to say, within a year, the website needs 200 thousand articles to enrich. Basically, in addition to the acquisition of content, there is no other possibility. Indeed, just click on a few articles, love Shanghai or noble baby will show the same article, there are many sites included, and the release time is 11 years ago.

1, good website on original content is the clouds

2, the chain growth will drop right is a cloud

this time, after two months of love Shanghai and revision algorithm upgrade, all in the discussion about the original content and the chain of garbage. The chain can do? If there is a pseudo original function? These problems are common in the webmaster forum. Recently, the discovery of a web site, in a short period of one year, IP soared to 800 thousand. Compared to the movie station, novel station, Shanghai dragon completely rely on search traffic to the station, can have such a record Shanghai dragon is not simple.

is the site of the keyword record for nearly 30 thousand keywords to row in front of Shanghai love, the author inquires the website traffic in December, equivalent to the site for 3 months, IP no more than 2000, basically hovering around 1000, therefore, can be ruled out by the 301 directional website to obtain short-term weight.

The number of the chain on the site for the

whois information is indeed in August 11 enabled the domain name. After verification, the domain name is a new domain name, whether the chain or the content, is after August. In addition, the record information website is July 2012, that is to say, not before the filing has gained very high weight.

, domain check out is more than 510 thousand, this number can be achieved within a year, even the manual forum outside the chain also difficult to get the bulk mass is certainly unavoidable. To my site as an example, go to the forum every day, the chain blog, pig soft outside the chain, the best record in the first half of the domain value is only 9000. The number of the chain of 30 thousand per month may? Besides, the love of Shanghai garbage chain cheating algorithm, did not allow the site to drop right, this could explain what? Only let each seriously do outside the chain.

Guess why love Shanghai know that long tail of monopoly

and May 20th is the same as that of the server, a lot of technical problems, database problems will come out, that there are risks, we can not blame the love of Shanghai, as the weather forecast, it will rain today, so you have an umbrella, but it will rain weather forecast? There is no time, because the factors inside too much, love Shanghai know there may be reason by the server, overflow.

Conclusion: the above conjecture, >

of the incident on Shanghai Longfeng, did not affect the Shanghai area only with the dragon, as can be imagined product related things, some phenomenon, how many days are there in the brush know love Shanghai, it may also be that your special attention will lead to a product problems.

The results of

, a big update result love Shanghai.

three, Shanghai love to know this product with love Shanghai, in this holiday, do SNS community experiment.

A, for a long time to love the people of Shanghai know, love Shanghai update the most unstable is the morning and after 12 pm, because the love of Shanghai at 12 after the database update, add and delete a lot of redundant data, resulting in this phenomenon, this promotion people love Shanghai the most clear.

We all know that

some people will say, may be a problem in the system, because the data is too large, only the long tail word all make love to know Shanghai monopoly.

love, Shanghai has been involved in all aspects of the Internet business, want to own cake to expand, go community search engine, a lot of things in the Chinese are within the circle, such as some people life in this village, love Shanghai so dry, a user is stuck, the want to do for the user, the user’s needs, the two is to expand the scope of business, can produce a large value in the Internet of things above, have to try, because people only and try to experiment before you know this thing is good or bad, just know the true things behind.

B, love Shanghai every time in the statutory program, there will be a big update, especially the Dragon Boat Festival, national day, Spring Festival is the biggest update, the love of Shanghai is likely to know this reason.

two, love Shanghai server problems.

love what what Shanghai ranking, see Lu Guofu: on what is what love Shanghai ranked, and the group inside the noisy steaming, know love Shanghai once again become the focus of development from the previous same keyword to now each keywords are extended out, and on the first page, let many webmaster and optimization of people crazy, I want to write the love Shanghai update rule, because the author is engaged in brand maintenance work, every day of the year in Shanghai love to use the search engine, the product contact love Shanghai every day, especially the love of Shanghai know, the most familiar, then this love Shanghai know what the situation is, the author made several conjectures, and the friends of my.

How noble baby ranking optimization to zeroth

how to XXX

obviously, the zeroth is worth pursuing. Sometimes, in the zeroth row will not bring to the site traffic, because the answer was displayed on the results page, a search for "how much" Yao Ming’s height is, "Andy Lau’s wife who is like the answer, concise directly, no need to access the site. But a little bit more complicated queries, see the light in the answer may not be very clear, need to continue reading, featured snippet this format to click on the appeal is self-evident.

?" why?

, to get the top zeroth have different requirements and methods.


Who is

is the most frequently selected top posts mentioned in the news writing 5 W, 1 H:Who, What, When, Where, Why, How, that is:

XXX in


Two weeks ago


with What type for example, such as "what is Shanghai dragon

asked the query sentence in recent years accounted for more and more, is a new opportunity to tap.

can try several methods:

What is the zeroth ranked ?

most directly above the noble baby called featured snippet answer, Google official translator for "selected abstracts". This is not included in the selection of 10 ordinary search results page, there are 10 normal results page, so it is often referred to as the "zeroth" ranking, the first is front.

‘s post "23 statistics reveal the search user behavior", I mentioned a word:



search for "why is the sky blue, noble baby result is this:


is a query sentence to ask why mining opportunities, one is to ask the query sentence more and more, and the overall trend of the same query increasingly long; two is the baby and love Shanghai and other search engines will now try on the search results page is given directly on top of the answer.

?What is

page title and query matching.

?Queries in different types of


first page ranking first normal to climb to the first page, the best in the top 5. The selection is not always the first results of the original, otherwise it is meaningless. In general, selected abstracts are selected from the top 5 results, a small part of a 6- 10.

> What ?So how to make

page ranking to zeroth