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two is the core keywords can not be too

is a keyword not too hot

and its rivals fight the words position, than to choose some more long tail word, long tail keywords bring customers into the probability of customer website products is much higher than the core keywords. There are a large number of long tail keywords website, its brings the total capacity is very large. Long tail keywords is extensibility, strong pertinence, wide range. Take a tour of customer management in SEMadmin team account speaking, we can with the words "Suzhou tourism" as the basic keyword expansion. Such as: for better off >

many small and medium-sized enterprise customers to choose popular keywords, in Shanghai to promote sex when why? A large flow is a high degree of concern, suitable for the brand. Three is feeling the effect is good, the usual Shanghai dragon, spending months of their energy and resources to the front, but there are still a lot of pressure on the head to pay promotion link. Four curiosity too heavy, some leading companies total love about competitors keyword bid, especially those used for many years in Shanghai version of the classic love promotion system people love this one. Many enterprises in a lot of contact with customers in their SEMadmin web interface does not look good, the website access speed slow, often can not open the page and many do not exist, contact is not obvious, no installation of online customer service system and web site statistics analysis system, management consulting staff rarely causes visitors friendly experience is very poor, it some enterprise website as phishing sites do fine easy to make visitors click online consultation or pick up the phone. So when the website construction is not perfect before feeling is not recommended to choose some words for traffic. This can only make you lose confidence in love Shanghai for promotion. We should choose some suitable for their own strength of the currently popular word.

many companies love Shanghai bidding management personnel from the network Department of the company, and even from the administrative department, financial department and other departments to transfer over the post. Due to the lack of network marketing skills, in the choice of words more emphasis on core words of some products or services, such as product name, name and type. Keywords the core is almost every competitor in the use of words, this word competition is big, the visitors in the search for these words of love more than three goods. Such words are often high, showing the amount of click rate is low, high, low bid advisory capacity leads to the low rate of return on investment.

management of love Shanghai for promotion of the SEMer selection of keywords is homely food. The effect of initial assessment from the choice of keywords to the late middle, continuous removal and joining of keyword marketing effect is good. The keyword operations as the core of the whole work of SEM. In the face of the tens of thousands of words, what kind of keywords is suitable for their own marketing needs? The next SEMadmin years to love Shanghai for promotion account management experience about keyword selection should follow several principles.

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