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we want to know, Shanghai dragon only after all a website optimization package, an auxiliary means, it is always in the amplification site value amplification of user experience, can make the website user experience is improved.


the development of the Internet since 20 years, changes can be described as China’s website is the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization also change rapidly, come into being. Today, we face many impetuous progressives, blindly seeking new website Shanghai dragon Er, sometimes had to sigh about different times are different, more like Shanghai Longfeng early predecessors. This is equivalent to what we see in the N version of journey to the West and the N version of the legend of the Condor Heroes, don’t feel what, but also think that the 86 version of journey to the west, the 83 edition of the legend of the Condor Heroes is more like the classic. As shown below:

  1、静态html;2、META标签的自然性.完整性;3、title中包含页面中密度最高的关键词;4、URL的深度最大为3级;5、URL中含有关键词的拼音或者英文单词;6、页面关键词密度(原则3%-5%,高峰值30%);7、内容的原创性;8、与其他网站相比的内容的重复度9、使用html语义;10、HTML页面文件大小;11、域名下文件群的数量级;12、内链的通畅性(去除无效内链);13、外连的广泛性和深度;14、外链中锚文本的应用;15、服务器的响应速度、带宽;16、网站的整体结构;17、PR值及A排名;18、社会性网站给予的反向链接;19、外链的多样性(非同网站的导出的多链接);20、减少外部的垃圾信息引发的外链;2 1, soft culture promotion; 22, with 301404 back to the home page; 23, correct writing robots.txt; 24, the right to submit SITEMAP.XML; 25, the history of the domain name, time, trust.

we put these points of Shanghai dragon and is now commonly used to do some comparison will find on the map, basically we are now often mentioned, but most of them are still applicable. Thus, with the development of the times, the past Shanghai Longfeng summed up a lot of excellent technical methods and precautions are useful, and these are the predecessors of valuable experience and knowledge of the essence, completely from the perspective of the user, to provide the best value of information and experience for the user, which is constantly changing search engines have the same theme. Therefore, Shanghai dragon must make sense of their own, more or less do innovation, then is to adhere to, enough careful and have patience. The pursuit of new technology, new thinking, advanced skills for the pursuit of the pursuit of updated, rankings and included too quick success and vain agitation and so on, these are not the slightest benefit on the website of Shanghai Longfeng work.

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