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first is included, it is strongly recommended is to stand in the tool (tool.chinaz贵族宝贝), can be found a lot of things. I believe we have to use it not unfamiliar with it, I will not nonsense. It also has a love of Shanghai, we have to look at his comprehensive collection, last month, last week, a day included. It should also look at the snapshot. If you see a website PR6, last month included 300, last week included 0, included every day 0, this site is basically a month to update a search engine, the website PR6 how credible! A lot of cases, it is pr hijacked.

, I want to emphasize its website PR, many just contact the novice or do some Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon for a long time but did not study Shanghai Longfeng webmaster exchange links when they first see is PR, if you know that there is a method called PR hijacking if you will not go see PR, because PR is not true. Google also said, PR is not so important. I just want to tell you that PR is not decided your site to a final index you have no value. If I go to exchange Links I won’t see each other website PR is how much, included the amount I will look at the other site, his reverse link, how much is the website weight. Here involves three issues, how included, reverse link and weight.


Page Authority:76/100, said the page weight score of 76 out of 100. Domain Authority:72/100 said the domain name weight score of 72 out of 100. Linking Root Domains:1479, said the external links from 1479 domains. Finally, Total>

for most of the webmaster, their way of doing outside the chain to a forum post, another is mainly through the exchange of Links. Indeed, Links on our website optimization promotion is essential. After all, its quality is relatively high, the cost is relatively low. Then we exchange Links when the need to pay attention to what the local

: at PR, see included, outside the chain, the weight of

Don’t is a little

in fact to the attention of the local or pretty much, the title is a bit exaggerated, but do the following points, we do Links can let us do the chain, Shanghai Longfeng multiplier effect.


then see external links and weights, YAHOO canceled the external links query, everyone will have their own view of the chain method, here I recommend a tool: 贵族宝贝, we want to query their input in the form. For example, the input of Shanghai Longfeng station why. The results are as follows:

The first

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