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second, must pay more attention to the latest trends in industry analysis of the whole industry. All products on the market enterprise station, then, certainly there are many identical or similar products, the industry is our best dynamic writing source material in general, each industry has the relevant industry portal site, we can pay attention to the latest industry on the new release of the relevant information, understand the competition the opponent will pay attention to the details in the process of writing in these materials, we are writing to make good use of the valuable resources of writing.

first, we must stand in the perspective of the user needs to article writing. The writing process is not blind or blind to McCain, a lot of the time we stand in the user perspective, we know that a product may function is a point of everyone’s attention, but for the industry may be some application category of product parameters, the product is we are very concerned about the details of this. I’ll be along the way to play, then, for different types of product difference and relation of these details is also very concerned about the customer, I will spend more effort in these areas to design some high quality articles.

fourth, should pay attention to the user experience of the article itself. I think a good article is not the quality of writing more, most of the time we should pay attention to the whole article in the process of reading experience, so the basic elements to our Shanghai Longfeng Er clear understanding, such as paragraph, the layout or appropriate to video graphic combination we find it difficult to express vague words narration, these are writing category, many owners think the accumulation of writing text is in fact not the case, the use of comprehensive many media elements to enrich the content of our article is actually, in order to enable users to intuitively clear through these information, we want to express the meaning clearly so, the appropriate time to enhance itself content > FENG

website optimization can not fail to mention the problem of writing, for the optimization of the content in the course of writing thinking is a lot of novice owners are headache problem, especially the enterprise products exhibition, the website itself capable of writing material is very limited, this time we want to explore some writing skills to improve our writing ideas, then. How should the

third, the writing of the article should also pay more attention to the station keywords. We are writing a website to leave the user, allowing users to see our corporate value through the website, and of course, we should take into account the search engine, you need to understand to optimize your key to highlight those keywords in writing an article at the same time, the subject or the long tail word we will at the discretion of each article consider and join, because a website optimization keywords very important point is the topic of your article is around you to optimize the deployment, we do not advocate excessive into words, but the optimal thinking or in writing articles to understand.

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