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my story begins at the end of June 2013. Prior to this, in the famous Shanghai dragon medical industry, once for a long time, I believe many people started out more or less touched or heard of this industry. I came to the end of June in the development of a medium-sized company, belongs to the traditional food industry, but are being developed in the field of electronic commerce, has its own B2C mall.

general contact to a website, will start from the station of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis. A little bit of a diagnosis, really found many loopholes, for the establishment of the time basically did not take into account Shanghai Dragon: dynamic URL, repeated TDK, a large collection of text content, a large number of samples. This a few busy, just started to change, found himself no authority, part of the basic background program in the hands of the technical department independently, even modify the conditions of tittle are not, the system can not be general. Empire wordpress. The most deadly is that not only is the technical department technical department website, is the entire company’s technology department, in addition to the website, there are a lot of things out of order. Therefore, I want to change what need to line up an appointment, but also by the unified technology to change, not you want to move on the move. But a change requires one batch to change, there is no technical conditions make you a step by step, so that the search engine is not too friendly. Sometimes the demand is not known.

station is more difficult to modify than imagined

recently through the exchange will hear a very classic words: it looks more gorgeous under the industry, may have more hard work in silence, including the miraculous Shanghai dragon industry. Shanghai Longfeng, search engine optimization, whether Chinese or Chinese are pretty cool, but under the struggling hard to force out of the industry rate of thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers, in fact, is very high. I had also come halfway down, now the industry is more positive thinking.


the next job is boring heavy pressure alexander. The following are the three biggest problems, not only is the technical level.


for the purpose of this article is to give you some of my colleagues, encourage. No matter how you look at the Shanghai dragon, since in this industry, you should try to dig its flash point, try to butt their interests with it, really put the things to the extreme Shanghai dragon.

I entered the company’s responsibility is very clear, the company is responsible for the work of Shanghai Longfeng mall B2C. Very lucky and very unfortunately, I must be a person to pick up the burden of Shanghai dragon. From my own perspective, of course I am looking forward to this job, I hope that the electricity supplier has been in contact, but also responsible for such a large Shanghai dragon himself, for me is a very good exercise opportunity.

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