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two, classified information platform to promote

those years classified information website promotion way is because the weight of classified information website become fashionable for a time, is very high, make the promotion of this kind of platform is mainly to effectively occupy the home of the long tail keywords ranking. The increase for a long period of time, my Xiaofeng lottery website in this way ranking effect is very good, but also very large and chain extension. Now do the webmaster is less and less, because love Shanghai the adjustment of the algorithm, this kind of website not what ranking.

those years of soft promotion is no ground for blame. No good writing skills, can do a good effect. After all, there are good.

believe that many webmaster BBS promotion is still in use, in the website promotion, the resources can not be lost. I was doing the Xiaofeng lottery website, also can use the resources to do the promotion. In those years the Forum promotion is a naked advertising, good is to make good use of the forum signature, signature in the forum set to my Xiaofeng lottery site 贵族宝贝 links, a large number of replies, post. Do not care about the quality of posts, focusing on the promotion link. There is often a do things carelessly, "well", "top", "good" such reply.

, a forum to promote

soft Wen promotion

I is the lottery website promotion Xiaofeng they do I insist on doing, and do better and better. Now this lottery website Xiaofeng my promotion methods, but the method of adjustment. The focus is on the long tail keyword ranking, but not the promotion of my lottery station home page link, focused on the promotion of page links, love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, page ranking is the love love Shanghai. They can be in an invincible position.


promotion methods such blatant more, the forum moderator in order to purify the environment, increase efforts to crack down on this post, but also love Shanghai the adjustment of the algorithm, the effect of such a promotion is poor. Such a situation, I do use the resources Xiaofeng lottery website promotion link, it also changed, also a lot. I basically do not have the individuality signature promotion, promotion website I Xiaofeng lottery through high quality posts with links, increase the site outside the chain.

has many Xiaofeng Xiaofeng lottery website optimization, website promotion methods exploration and accumulation, how to find a suitable way of marketing Xiaofeng lottery website is especially important in these methods. For the optimization of the site itself to achieve the ultimate Xiaofeng lottery, I often analyze the competition website optimization method. Take the essence, to its dregs, some competitors, I also have no rivals, the optimization method I have. Love Shanghai in the adjustment of the algorithm, the optimization method also needs to be adjusted, but no matter how to adjust, the same website promotion method is the so-called change from the pope. In those years the website promotion method you still use

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