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remember the celebrity Han Han shop selling books on taobao贵族宝贝, newly opened shop a week, sold more than 2000 pen, within a week of credit from zero to two drill, only won praise has been as high as more than 600, Taobao immediately automatic filtering system that is speculation, thus sealing (brush reputation) Han Han shop. After all, celebrity is a celebrity, although the final twists and turns and re opened his store, but from this incident, we can see: a new index of some shops growth is too fast, will be regarded as cheating.

link correlation:

According to legend, Taobao

like this, focus on the search area of Shanghai and noble love baby will be more sophisticated. Imagine if a new station in just a few days, increased N how high the weights of the links, their filters will be how to deal with? Because of this consideration, when I do the railway station, the first step in the construction of the chain is from the start of his relationship. Since this is the actual articles, I’m afraid I stand on the board, it severely criticized for everyone. I do is on collagen products, domain name registration date is 2011-2-23, the establishment date is 2011-2-24 evening, it should be 20 days, twenty days, Adger focuses on the relevance of the chain construction, the noble baby did not let me into the sandbox, Shanghai love let me in ten days at present, the main word ranking, for a new station should be very good, which shows that the construction of the chain correlation achieved initial success.

The construction method of

Shanghai Longfeng, get good rankings is our dream, for a new sites, how to get good rankings, is a very worth to study things, Adger not only, to talk about my personal point of view, aims to initiate, inadequacies also hope expert advice one or two. Link three axes sorting according to the execution order are the following three points: relevance, universality, weight of. Some friends may put forward different views, I can put the weight of a put, put correlation of the last one, is it not? Because this paper is mainly about the new Shanghai dragon, for the construction of the chain has the way is very important, otherwise it is easy to search engine in the sandbox 32 months are likely.

may raise objections, easier said than done, a new station to find relevant sites to get links for ah, in fact is not likely to change, if you do not change, not to change the intentions to operate, "

, find related site exchange links

" " Cheng Yaojin, Tang Chuan; sanbanfu is very good, basically can be effective within three axes, cut the enemy in the horse; this article is not to write a novel, but through some practical experience to summarize Adger, in order to better remember, or more attractive to some, some will the paper named "three tricks" link ranking more stable. Clear, this is definitely not the legend of the title of the party.

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