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First look at the

cattle station, a short time tight encirclement, to obtain stable keywords ranking, survive in June and October of the anti cheating algorithms, he must have a place worthy of study. Whether it is envy or jealousy or not, many webmaster struggling on the chain and content, may grasp more sophisticated Shanghai Dragon technology, there is no such Shanghai dragon performance. The spirit of Shanghai Longfeng exploration, to dissect the mystery.

is currently included in the website to love Shanghai is around 160 thousand, love Shanghai site query value is accurate or not, the site capacity estimation in the number of 15-20 million pages. That is to say, within a year, the website needs 200 thousand articles to enrich. Basically, in addition to the acquisition of content, there is no other possibility. Indeed, just click on a few articles, love Shanghai or noble baby will show the same article, there are many sites included, and the release time is 11 years ago.

1, good website on original content is the clouds

2, the chain growth will drop right is a cloud

this time, after two months of love Shanghai and revision algorithm upgrade, all in the discussion about the original content and the chain of garbage. The chain can do? If there is a pseudo original function? These problems are common in the webmaster forum. Recently, the discovery of a web site, in a short period of one year, IP soared to 800 thousand. Compared to the movie station, novel station, Shanghai dragon completely rely on search traffic to the station, can have such a record Shanghai dragon is not simple.

is the site of the keyword record for nearly 30 thousand keywords to row in front of Shanghai love, the author inquires the website traffic in December, equivalent to the site for 3 months, IP no more than 2000, basically hovering around 1000, therefore, can be ruled out by the 301 directional website to obtain short-term weight.

The number of the chain on the site for the

whois information is indeed in August 11 enabled the domain name. After verification, the domain name is a new domain name, whether the chain or the content, is after August. In addition, the record information website is July 2012, that is to say, not before the filing has gained very high weight.

, domain check out is more than 510 thousand, this number can be achieved within a year, even the manual forum outside the chain also difficult to get the bulk mass is certainly unavoidable. To my site as an example, go to the forum every day, the chain blog, pig soft outside the chain, the best record in the first half of the domain value is only 9000. The number of the chain of 30 thousand per month may? Besides, the love of Shanghai garbage chain cheating algorithm, did not allow the site to drop right, this could explain what? Only let each seriously do outside the chain.

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