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and May 20th is the same as that of the server, a lot of technical problems, database problems will come out, that there are risks, we can not blame the love of Shanghai, as the weather forecast, it will rain today, so you have an umbrella, but it will rain weather forecast? There is no time, because the factors inside too much, love Shanghai know there may be reason by the server, overflow.

Conclusion: the above conjecture, >

of the incident on Shanghai Longfeng, did not affect the Shanghai area only with the dragon, as can be imagined product related things, some phenomenon, how many days are there in the brush know love Shanghai, it may also be that your special attention will lead to a product problems.

The results of

, a big update result love Shanghai.

three, Shanghai love to know this product with love Shanghai, in this holiday, do SNS community experiment.

A, for a long time to love the people of Shanghai know, love Shanghai update the most unstable is the morning and after 12 pm, because the love of Shanghai at 12 after the database update, add and delete a lot of redundant data, resulting in this phenomenon, this promotion people love Shanghai the most clear.

We all know that

some people will say, may be a problem in the system, because the data is too large, only the long tail word all make love to know Shanghai monopoly.

love, Shanghai has been involved in all aspects of the Internet business, want to own cake to expand, go community search engine, a lot of things in the Chinese are within the circle, such as some people life in this village, love Shanghai so dry, a user is stuck, the want to do for the user, the user’s needs, the two is to expand the scope of business, can produce a large value in the Internet of things above, have to try, because people only and try to experiment before you know this thing is good or bad, just know the true things behind.

B, love Shanghai every time in the statutory program, there will be a big update, especially the Dragon Boat Festival, national day, Spring Festival is the biggest update, the love of Shanghai is likely to know this reason.

two, love Shanghai server problems.

love what what Shanghai ranking, see Lu Guofu: on what is what love Shanghai ranked, and the group inside the noisy steaming, know love Shanghai once again become the focus of development from the previous same keyword to now each keywords are extended out, and on the first page, let many webmaster and optimization of people crazy, I want to write the love Shanghai update rule, because the author is engaged in brand maintenance work, every day of the year in Shanghai love to use the search engine, the product contact love Shanghai every day, especially the love of Shanghai know, the most familiar, then this love Shanghai know what the situation is, the author made several conjectures, and the friends of my.

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