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how to XXX

obviously, the zeroth is worth pursuing. Sometimes, in the zeroth row will not bring to the site traffic, because the answer was displayed on the results page, a search for "how much" Yao Ming’s height is, "Andy Lau’s wife who is like the answer, concise directly, no need to access the site. But a little bit more complicated queries, see the light in the answer may not be very clear, need to continue reading, featured snippet this format to click on the appeal is self-evident.

?" why?

, to get the top zeroth have different requirements and methods.


Who is

is the most frequently selected top posts mentioned in the news writing 5 W, 1 H:Who, What, When, Where, Why, How, that is:

XXX in


Two weeks ago


with What type for example, such as "what is Shanghai dragon

asked the query sentence in recent years accounted for more and more, is a new opportunity to tap.

can try several methods:

What is the zeroth ranked ?

most directly above the noble baby called featured snippet answer, Google official translator for "selected abstracts". This is not included in the selection of 10 ordinary search results page, there are 10 normal results page, so it is often referred to as the "zeroth" ranking, the first is front.

‘s post "23 statistics reveal the search user behavior", I mentioned a word:



search for "why is the sky blue, noble baby result is this:


is a query sentence to ask why mining opportunities, one is to ask the query sentence more and more, and the overall trend of the same query increasingly long; two is the baby and love Shanghai and other search engines will now try on the search results page is given directly on top of the answer.

?What is

page title and query matching.

?Queries in different types of


first page ranking first normal to climb to the first page, the best in the top 5. The selection is not always the first results of the original, otherwise it is meaningless. In general, selected abstracts are selected from the top 5 results, a small part of a 6- 10.

> What ?So how to make

page ranking to zeroth

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