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many of our personnel on the site of Shanghai dragon love stack keywords, the most common is the large number of keywords in the title stack. I recently saw in the online peer wrote Title: LED advertising vehicle price supply price []_led advertising vehicle advertising _led car manufacturers price, I really feel ashamed to see him, in order to highlight his price, blindly stacked in the title LED advertising vehicle price of the keywords, so that we can gain more weight, really is this your title? As long as a user can see, if your site does not meet the user experience, the more futile stack keywords. Because the user enters your site if you don’t see what it needs, the user will immediately jump out, the search engine will identify. What is the keyword stacking a large number in the website, actually this and in the title of the stack keywords is a truth. In fact, we don’t need to bother to pursue the so-called keyword density, as long as the line to meet with the needs of users, not a fixed density value, we do not believe that the so-called webmaster tools for keyword density is proposed, which is misleading as useful to us.

error two, the higher the density of keywords ranking the more favorable

is a misunderstanding, love often modify title

error three, ranking to overnight.

modify title is our Shanghai dragon optimization should be avoided. Especially Shanghai Longfeng novice, easy to be misled, others advice, feel justified directly to change the title, then a few days later, another one said he title has a problem, he thought in the title. This is wrong. The title is like a person’s name, if your name changed, how the user can find you? So modify title is to be search engine punishment. The title must be to be good in our site planning, a determination is not free to change. If you really want to change, we must have a reliable basis, do the user’s demand analysis after modification. If the new station often modify title is likely to lead to the site by K, it will affect our Shanghai dragon optimization time, impact on the Shanghai dragon is very large, it is recommended that you please consider carefully in the title before.

With the

do a lot of Shanghai Longfeng staff always hope their ranking can do in the short term. Some of the so-called Shanghai dragon master even boasts a few days to do keyword ranking first, this is totally fooled people, if you really can do it, it must be using black hat tactics, this is what we despise >

search engine algorithm update, our Shanghai dragon will continue to push Chen Jixin technology, some methods may be very useful in Shanghai, at the time, but if after the passage of time, maybe this method may not work, or even wrong. So we use the Shanghai dragon there are still a lot of misunderstanding, South simple list:

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