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‘s business partner appeared when Lv Xiucai ran a cash flow problem. This is married to the town of Tong Xiangyu, she carried several large boxes of gold and silver jewelry dowry, Tong Xiangyu saw at a glance that this is a good business opportunity, and food

room service industry is a sunrise industry, and no second home in the town. In the market prospects and competitive position, are good, so she promised to part of the dowry shares, and Lv Xiucai start business together.

said in the famous town of the Guanzhong, has called Lvqinghou entrepreneurs, he is an intellectual, opened an Inn – Fu inn. But because the Inn provides only a single room service, plus Lv Xiucai’s own work ability is insufficient, and a serious shortage of team — a man on his own, so business is very general, to put up the shutters. Of course, as the only founder and employee of this start-up company, Lv Xiucai is 100% of the company, and the ownership structure is simple and clear.

so what to do to make money online, how to make money online? This is what I’m going to say something cheated. But the main reason I cheated in own. I believe people have cheated me for this reason.

then hang up, and why I’m going to buy? Because I think with this software, the project should be there, just did not find the place. This time I found a regular website, really very formal, the project for a total of 400>.

two, when to give yourself a reminder, it will not make the same mistake.

editor’s note: This article selects the financing knowledge that you must not know at the beginning of the venture: searching for full disclosure of venture capital, which is abridged.

today why write it? Is not what good things, but I think it should be written out, because:

I have to write my way in Wangzhuan experience of being cheated,

now let’s talk about this problem, making money online is really? I post this problem in an article on my first personal blog in Wangzhuan answered, I will answer once, making money online is as sure as a gun. I just know that the Internet can really make money on the Internet, because I really earn money, earn Taobao shop, so I will go to contact wangzhuan.

because Lv Xiucai did not invest in new funds, so he agreed to Tong Xiangyu’s equity distribution program: Tong Xiangyu 70%, Lu scholar 30%. Two people are still the founder of the identity of shareholders in the Inn – Tong Xiangyu Lv Xiucai as treasurer, Mr. accountant. In support of funds, the shopkeeper Tong soon complement a good team: the lobby manager – white zhantang, nicknamed old white; Customer Service Supervisor: Guo Furong, nicknamed Xiao Guo; Li, executive chef, nicknamed big mouth.

three, when it is now to appear ceaselessly new one in the right direction.


I say right? If they have this idea, and now not cheated the new friends, most of them also have this idea, I dare not say all, because they are very smart and intelligent people.

three entrepreneurs do have a very good business, with the blessing of the inn, which attracted Wanli banks pawnshops and treasurer – money boss’s attention. The boss found money Fu Inn room service in the standardization of procedures and do everything right, have the opportunity to become bigger and stronger, and distinctive drinks catering >

is very difficult to Everything is going smoothly., when there is no business in my Taobao store, I began to think of other ways to make money, so I have to contact Wangzhuan, this is quite a temptation in the industry. The advertisement is the temptation, what hang, what base like, is really quite the temptation. What kind of contact free project friends should know very tired, but the money is too small, do not insist. I also like this, so I have experience. So I think that money can buy items, take the hook, is really a temptation, I see to write a blog on the project, I really want to make money easily, where he writes 150, I think it is not expensive, hanging every day you can have more than 100 of the income, so I bought it, pay after he made software to me, then I asked him the account number and password, that he knows, before many words, click on the off-line, no response, I look silly. So I cheated 150. This is the first time the experience of being cheated.

so they according to the proportion of equity officially registered company "-" Fu Inn Co. ltd..

obviously, the sooner you invest in a promising company, the greater the profitability, and of course, the greater the likelihood of failure. General VC funds will be invested in a certain proportion of different stages of development of the company, if the company is well developed, the follow-up will be additional investment.

for this reason is: the old thinking of the old thinking to make quick money, easily earn a lot of money.

because the old white in company start-up will feats from stealing God Ji Wuming rescue management team collective life, as well as the background for this old white vulnerable to harassment Mafia industry have great help, so after discussion, the shopkeeper Tong and Lv Xiucai two shares agreed to their free of charge to the old one the white of 10% of the shares, so, the shopkeeper Tong equity ratio reduction of 60%, Lv Xiucai holdings to 20%.

, I think I should learn from a teacher, give them a warning.

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