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soft can popular love spiders and users, is not as soft as mandatory advertising directly, that seems to be in for the user to solve the problem, provide the latest industry information, it is related to the brand promotion. But the soft needs is of high quality original content, to attract the spider’s favorite, the original high quality not every webmaster can insist, so soft change is no longer "soft", hard advertising is still flying everywhere. Even if it is released in large advertising media sites, may also attract spider bored, will not have too high user experience, the spider will only rigid such advertising is very offensive, will put this site as spam accumulation site. Lenovo to love Shanghai pomegranate algorithm, the search engine on the low quality of the advertising page hit, webmaster want to really stay away from search engine punishment, insist on doing high quality content is the most critical.

in the open third party blog platform, website promotion in the construction of the chain in a blog, add anchor text links to the site a lot of article, exclude the search engine algorithm does not say, through the practice also proved that, the weight of the blog is very low, an article add anchor the text links, will not only affect the post included, too many links to spread the weight, actually delivered to the site of the weight is less.

has been shown in Shanghai love chain interpretation algorithm Scindapsus, forwarding the same content to a large number of pages of classified information site, the anchor text of the chain construction waste has been considered garbage outside the chain, a new algorithm of the once again raised the Yellow Pages information outside the chain, the same school + school contact way, so the content of construction is the most common way of information dissemination in the yellow pages, website promotion in order to facilitate easy introduction, copy the content on the website directly, simply add business contact, only for the main purpose of propaganda website contact, only take into account the ability of the website advertising, the spider did not take into account the demand for content, whether a large number of repeat posting content can meet the demand of spiders, garbage collection of advertising content will only bring the burden for the site, only to let the spider punish obvious ad sites corresponding.


blog soft anchor text construction is

love Shanghai official: for some sites around the promotion of the soft release phenomenon, we have been through a variety of ways of treatment. On the one hand, filter clean up the garbage outside chain; on the other hand, the appropriate punishment for the target site.

Shanghai Dragon 3 new era, pay more attention to the user experience of construction, the construction of the chain can be legalistic, the love of Shanghai official also affirms that strengthening the detection of foreign chain construction, the construction of the chain was strong blow advertorial, love Shanghai update algorithm Scindapsus aureus soft outside the chain of the most abroad in the construction of the chain of welcome, the new algorithm and the soft outside the chain of thousands of miles away, soft outside the chain have become chicken ribs.

, no longer "soft" has ended the era of

yellow soft outside the chain is over

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