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360 search to speed up the growth of

insiders said: "360 enter the search, more important is the commercial value of the search market. "The combination of browser and search, there is almost no cost, but also one of the most profitable industries.

love Shanghai back frequently

360 search on-line from August 16, 2012 to October this year since its search market share continued growth in. According to the latest data from cnzz, October has occupied 21.39% share of the search market, at the same time, love Shanghai in the search market share is slowly decline, 360 search development momentum ruibukedang.

summary: any search engine, as long as the stability, and can solve the needs of users, will be subject to users of all ages. This paper consists of: stainless steel precision casting 贵族宝贝chinawfjz贵族宝贝 original, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you.

I think the main reasons to love Shanghai little effect in the recent search in the search is not stable, to search every day the contents are not the same, which leads to the lost a lot of netizens. In addition to the search results page does not fully solve the needs of users, but instead 360 to solve many netizens, this is also a lot of netizens give up love Shanghai, one of the reasons to use the 360 search.

for the growth trend of the 360 search, love Shanghai has also taken a sireau measures. I recently saw an article from the "360 search market share increase even to love Shanghai plan" can be seen in the article, a series of adjustments made to search 360 love Shanghai. Love Shanghai to adjust the webmaster and Internet users to upgrade a lot of friendliness, but little effect reaction.

recently is the concern of the "3B war" is heating up, we see the latest search statistics domestic authoritative traffic statistics agency CNZZ released by the 360 accelerated growth trend, Shanghai love back frequently.

360 search from there to now less than half a year, but in this one and a half year period, it will search its market share from 1%-21.39% growth trend, it also let us admire very much. Look at the love Shanghai search market share is slowly decline.

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