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is almost so some remarks, but for my opinion, first of all, the chain, also cannot say yigunzidasi, can only be said to have a certain context that the chain still has some value, and if there is no context, pure garbage outside the chain, certainly there is no meaning. After all is said and done or the user experience as the center. Second, the forum signature is meaningless, it is nonsense, will be on this point, but will be detailed about. Third, this is not done the experiment, dare not to jump to conclusions. Fourth, indeed, the chain sale behavior is cheating, but not so well defined, for example, some of the old Shanghai dragon Er, a site with high weight blog, with the old station with a new station, which itself is his own advantage, but you said that Shanghai will love these yigunzidasi. Not too good. So how to define, not to say. One thing worth mentioning, as long as you love Shanghai rules found cheating on you not to, even if you cheat, even if the black hat is your ability, the industry there is a saying: Shanghai dragon industry the black hat, so many people, they will become a black hat. Of course, it seems like a black hat support means, not really, but want to tell you, do not cross the bottom line, playing techniques, show skills, it is allowed the Shanghai dragon behavior. (of course for rectification, medical fraud, illegal, illegal, these sites in the K K, but the absolute support)

just look at this one might not see what, how to explain to everyone, everyone found my words, when I see the website ranking, page snapshot is October 31st (here have Tucao love Shanghai, but from the site home page snapshot is November 13th, key words ranking home page snapshot is October 31st. Don’t keep up with), that is to say, but the ranking data (but in the previous article mentioned on page love Shanghai this evaluation algorithm, we assume it thought) is a numerical, this.

recently due to the love of Shanghai foreign chain hit more and more serious, K station rampant, Shanghai dragon industry is really jittery, feel insecure. Some of the more famous speech: a pure URL type connection, text type connection, basically has been as a network to deal with garbage. Two, the forum signature has no value, the post is not included, you are still mixed forum wash sleep. Three, the number of the chain is included in the number of certain times, as cheating. Four, the sale of links are cheating, check to die.


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let us talk about this forum signature thing, but first of all to a statement is: the forum signature still has its value. Here is how to cite evidence. The search for "Ji’nan professional Shanghai dragon", but the company’s website www.***贵族宝贝, in my ranking is fourth, other areas may change. A few days ago the best record is third. For everyone to see the screenshots of the

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