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wants to successfully operate the site, nature is more traffic on the site is better, but to drainage, for most novice webmaster, is a very painful thing, early may in the operation, found the website to start with a two flow can be happy, but in the two months after. Three months, the number of the flow is still in the tens, then to the webmaster is very painful, so that their future is full of darkness.

what are the current common drainage way? How to use these drainage channels for their own web site to increase traffic to make contribution, the author from the following several aspects to discuss.

first, the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization approach. This is obviously not a way to immediately show the way, but this can not explain this pattern is not important, on the contrary, with the importance of the search engine is more and more high, strengthen Shanghai Longfeng optimization work is undoubtedly an important content. It can not only enhance the number of final traffic sites, more important also can effectively enhance the flow of the conversion and website brand, so Shanghai Longfeng optimization work still need to do a good job, but also to do with marketing, play a dual role of Shanghai Longfeng marketing promotion and ranking optimization.

second, do a good job for promotion. Price promotion is the most direct way, promotion and drainage and the effect of the fastest. At present the most important platform for promotion is love Shanghai. But the use of this platform to promote, has two aspects of psychological preparation, is a need dedicated funds investment, another need to do cost control. We love Shanghai for promotion is not a free way through keyword bidding, the user clicks on the higher, the cost will be higher, website traffic will be more. But our purpose is to realize the drainage flow conversion, let the traffic to make money for their own web site, so we use the core to love Shanghai auction is to make money, but if the flow conversion rate is not high, so the investment cost will rise, so the reasonable selection of keywords, plus scientific delivery time and the corresponding the target user can do a good job of cost control drainage.

how can let the webmaster to become a bright future? The most diversified site drainage is to the key, if you focus only on WeChat hold this one thigh, want to improve the site traffic will become very difficult, because from the point of view of Shanghai Longfeng optimization perspective, to enhance the site’s ranking is itself a long process, and even the relevant keywords ranking up, but the search frequency of these words is very low, it is difficult for the same site drainage. So the way drainage innovation and diversification is the key.

third, other innovation promotion mode. From the promotion mode, currently on the Internet of various kinds, such as self media marketing, including WeChat, QQ, and many other ways of soft marketing, the marketing mode can bring huge traffic to your site, but to the webmaster >.

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