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for example, the title of this article is from the original small "the love of Shanghai have included but not search the solution", but the love of Shanghai yisou, the results are as follows:


red (red font, representative keywords repeat part)! "Now replaced your article and not included but can not find the" try again:

this problem is estimated that many Shanghai dragon Er will encounter in the website optimization process, the content of the website is to get web site search is already included, but if you take the title to the search, but could not find their own website, just out of a lot of similar results, or is their own the site will be turned several pages to find, ranked by the position of the search results, not easy to find. For example, with small recently wrote an article "the latest updates Daquan" high weight chain method as an example, we look at the following search results:


Figure two

this issue believe that all the people in Shanghai have encountered in the process of the dragon. The article also said the original, completely original article, why even search the title of the article can not find their own website? This is the most frustrating thing. After try and other Shanghai dragon Er exchange, Xiao Bian has finally found a solution. The reason lies in the title of the article on the

considering the title of attraction and general factors such as small finally chose the last title as the title of this article. The subsequent title will similarity pay more attention to the title.


generally, the title of the repetition rate of not more than three. If the similarity is too high, even if the article itself is 100% of the original, but difficult to cause the spider love, because the spider crawling rules from the start of heading. This is why I have included the original article, why take title search did not search to. Also, the repeatability is too high the content >


is a website articles included above, figure two is to take the title in Shanghai love search home page, I believe we are aware of the situation, this article is included in the search results, but the love of Shanghai with the title search, submission, reprint are ranking but, small site is still not ranked. The same situation as well as the "web site optimization white hat optimization" why respected, we can try to love Shanghai.



well, a lot less red, blue (representing the keywords not overlap) is up, but the title seems to be not too smooth, then for a try, the results as below:

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