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third: Marketing Assistant


? Shanghai dragon strategy most easilyShanghai dragon

then Shanghai dragon? We have a very good Shanghai dragon, but always lost in strategizing, and defeat, industry over the years, turbulent, which of you can

time is precious. We always want to see through the short time and high efficiency, is undoubtedly the most want to save the cost of labor, and then quickly get effective profit.

first: find the weak market

with the power of marketing to promote website ranking, this is a kind of technique now many old drivers are used, after all, Shanghai dragon also just one hand the whole website operation system, but also need another hand to fuel, can be easily done may.

Shanghai dragon

to now think of the relatively low degree of market competition is very difficult to find, the basic line of the market form is saturated, since 2014, the Internet has entered the fast period, now the market for everyone to use the Internet to do business in the ecological, but not necessarily, in spite of this, but the search engine market is still not imagine so saturated in some relatively weak or poor but geographical line market active regions, there is still a glimmer of life.

fourth time:

this is the most hard to force a way "


optimization is nothing but two ways, one is on the line behind the change, during which the preparation is not adequate, the current need adjustment, the second is on the line fully preparing work content, Shanghai dragon operation, data, the basis of site optimization, the long tail keywords layout, line can be directly easy to operate, but also the lowest cost, the best a simple strategy.

see the three friends have learned before Liu Bei did not win the war on a perfect encounter in the battle without Xu caoren, broken in the face of Xu’s eight golden array, is the use of the strategy and tactics of good, won the first battle of life, Shanghai dragon is the same, there is light Zhang Fei’s courage is not enough, also need to seek Zhu Geliang. So Jane for Shanghai dragon is easy to explain, only provides some reference suggestion for some novice Shanghai dragon, the old driver can skip.

industry, if the industry competition is not very intense, so in a short period of time to see the high income, just fancies, mouth, and in fact from the dream is still far away, because the competition is too intense, the general page website weight are not poor, high weight, big competition, generally enter the home page it is very difficult, or that it is basically impossible to enter the home. So to find the weak market is a relatively easy chance, but is also the most difficult to find.

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