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is worth every webmaster, Shanghai dragon er. In the ever-changing market, the market competition is escalating, the skill, the promotion of Shanghai Chibian days dragon times in the past, now the Shanghai Dragon (search engine optimization) has evolved into a "marathon". Pre run fast is not necessarily the final winner, one not careful, ranking it may fall. Fear will only be content with staying where one is difficult.

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a lot, and you must have seen some of Shanghai dragon er. Love Shanghai, noble baby although the search engine can not determine what you wrote, but it can go to the analysis of the whole page reflect what theme clear, have the relevance and the content of your website theme. Otherwise, even if the content of your site every day is the second, what? The lack of competitiveness of the central theme site never do it at the pinnacle of the industry.

so, as a webmaster, Shanghai dragon Er us, how to make the optimization effect of Shanghai dragon best? How to through the network to bring more business opportunities

until now, there are still a lot of people think: website optimization, Shanghai dragon, only need to get outside the chain, the website ranking can reach the ideal position.

: Web site planning theme to clear the direction of

?Websites like optimization?

users open your site, one will know that you are doing what, such a site is down to the optimization of meaning, or do more probably doesn’t have any meaning.

the construction of the chain: the chain is not the myth of Shanghai dragon

in fact, the chain is the site optimization, Shanghai, a very important part, but the chain is not to dominate the rankings. XF network studio found in some site optimization, many customers with thousands of websites that tens of thousands of the chain, but in the search engine ranking is not very ideal. After we check, we found that these customers to the web site of the internal optimization is really very bad. The chain can enhance the stability of the website the weight, but in the end there will be a promotion bottleneck, otherwise.

for example, you set up a blog about Shanghai dragon, why are some trivial life stories, and associated with the "Shanghai dragon" themes, but only a handful of

must have this idea, er webmaster Shanghai Longfeng not in the minority, we remarkable from various links to the sale on the internet. But in the end through the operation to achieve real success webmaster, Shanghai dragon Er how many

with the development of the Internet, the Internet competition is escalating. Shanghai Longfeng (search engine optimization) has become the enterprise between another war.

so, as a webmaster, Shanghai dragon Er, how should we deal with this marathon type of Shanghai dragon

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