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: first check the home page weight. This is not the first the most likely reason is that the home is down right, here to declare that home is not the first just say the first page of the weight down, but does not mean that the site is down right, the two owners should be clear. It is home to be down the right, it should be how to get back home? At first: increase the anchor text link in website content, pointing to the web page, click rate and the increase in home page exposure, the anchor text is the best site keywords. Secondly, the web page design to add page weight, to set the home page navigation in the navigation links, or two level directory settings page links, increase the weight of the home page. Finally: increase your web page on the website of the Links Links area, increase user clicks, improve your weight.

again: check the site chain. When the site is not the first home page, included less, also not new snapshot time, you should consider your website is the chain association. Adhere to the Links, get rid of their own individual station chain, and check their website and IP is the same, whether the site is K, remove will affect your site chain, don’t let the relevance chain harm their own. This occurs there is a reason that your site whether there is the phenomenon of cheating, such as buying black chain, if there is such a phenomenon, should immediately stop cheating, these things too naive to search engines.

: the weight of the chain of the second examination. This is not the first, then to consider myself when the weight of the chain is high enough, stay in the chain whether the webmaster left is their web page links. The webmaster do a lot in the chain to the site to the chain link directly to the website, webmasters often in the text at the left is their website page links, if a good article was reproduced in many times later, the page click rate is also up, at the same time it inside the page will also have a very high PR, in this way will lead to the first page of the weight is not high enough, but when site can’t find home. So the webmaster in the chain to multi site home page links, increase the weight of home page. GG search engine is more emphasis on the web site of the chain, the weight of the chain of it is the interpretation of the standard, the inside pages of the chain weight high search engine will be put in the first place, rather than the home page.

finally: check the website space. Home is not the first home page weight is not high, but the content of the website every time is original, also refers to the link >

in the world in addition to cock up early, is our webmaster friends, sometimes in the middle of the night to wake up all want to take a look at the rankings, see a snapshot of the site collected, you want to get up in the middle of the night to check is included, site not found in the home, think it is not a dream, in site, or not, the webmaster is really vulnerable! Site is not in the first place, what is going on, how to restore. Website optimization real own blog and share with you.

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