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is generally relatively dynamic web search engine, more love static ", because the static page is more conducive to search engine crawl, access to content. The more content acquisition, right will be higher, the ranking will rise. At present, some of the larger portal, none of the static web page.

Three, The

original release, duomeige network technology provided by 贵族宝贝dobygo贵族宝贝, for reprint, please keep this

site using static page

site outside the chain released

six, "keyword density

two, the original content of the website


keyword density, refers to the percentage of words in the web page all in the text should not be too high, will be the search engines that cheating and punishment, but also should not be too small, there will be no effect, as the best general control in 2% – 8%.


is a search engine, or friends, love the most are original. The search engine will give the site weight according to the original content of a website or users will decide a website according to the web site of the original content of good and bad.

plays an important role in the chain to a site keywords ranking and weight, many owners will make common mistakes when released on the outside, think the chain the more the better, to a large number of the chain released by mass software, this website of harmful, because the chain is expensive in essence, and not in many.

for many webmaster, want to put your keywords to the first page of the search engine. I have engaged in the Shanghai dragon two years, did a lot of keywords, on their own in Shanghai dragon is quite confident, in fact, Shanghai dragon appears to be simple, but when you really do, you will find the problem more than more. I published some of my experiences and opinions, I hope you can help.

domain is of great significance to the website promotion, can affect the effect of network marketing. The best domain name contains the name of the web site, will also have certain to improve the site weight, also to the role of website promotion, one a double.

, the domain name fourThe

, download the plugin

to your browser to download PR and Alexa plugin, only a few small KB, can open every website you let see the weight of the site.

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