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on the basis of analysisWhether the three forms of In general a net >

: This is a tutorial to share the experience of Shanghai dragon, long, please read patiently, you will benefit from the infinite.

(1) analysis of the index: the webmaster query tool or site instructions, analysis of the number of pages, rival website is love Shanghai index index page where the column etc. (this analysis can determine the weight of the high site what columns and page access), if the domain name age long, also has stable update, but but few index amount, prove that the station on the search engines are not very friendly.

through the site website to see the opponent included page title. One of the optimization ideas based on website home page and inside pages of the title must be determined after after heavy screening. I know that some CMS can make the title of the inside pages show form: content name + site keywords + company name, which can reduce the difficulty of the work station, but for the optimization of this lost more in the long tail keywords ranking possible.



in the 404 page are 404, if there is a direct jump.

please spectators first understand three things:

second: this tutorial is mainly to enterprise station as an example, industry own machinery industry, demand, competition. But the method is applicable to all industry website.

2, analysis of each page of the website of the title are all in line with Shanghai Longfeng benchmark.

Keywords used by

third: Tutorial case site, sand production line (this site I officially took over a month, due to many historical reasons, the internal website is not perfect)

site map are: sitemap.txt, sitemap.html, sitemap.xml (through direct competitor to the 贵族宝贝 site /sitemap.html view);

4, the competition website anchor text.

this point you need to carefully to analyze the page link structure of competitors. Click a few pages, observe the use of anchor text up, pointing to the page to view the anchor text. Generally speaking, as long as you can collect a rival website weight aggregation page, then analysis keywords of the page, and then view the rankings. After this step, you will be able to find clear quality chain structure in the secret of the (as long as your rival Shanghai dragon well done)

1, competitor analysis of search engine friendly website:

3, website product page and key column page if there is enough weight.


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