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, the first page Links should not be too much

and Links, many people say that the chain is not important. If you don’t plan quality. Of course not even be K, do optimization Shanghai Longfeng don’t care so much about the PR value, love the sea contains enough of the page level good enough, this is enough, when the Links exchange proposals do not focus only on the PR value, the PR value high garbage station has a lot of important is; the correlation between Links exchange website, if you export link, the page is relevant, the contents are malleable, the spider is certainly the most love, it is a "spider" program, a section of code. (for a little story, why did shoot a lot of excellent and classic director, big now shoot the movie box office to become " Waterloo ". Jianglangcaijin? In fact, they just focus on the audience views, in fact they have overlooked the audience’s appreciation, has his own opinion.

with the appropriate tools group, using tools group should pay attention to choose the site, do not just look at the number, pay attention to quality, appropriate quality, moderate mass tools with the hair of the chain, so as to avoid the risk of cheating and is thought to improve the spider to your trust and weight.

started unraveling as a program that must choose the most concise way, this is all inevitable ways to optimize the program, the spider is not an exception if a site is derived from the related content, for spiders to crawl, crawl the Web classification convenient a lot of derived site page is very miscellaneous what the contents are in the grab, each to be classified storage, convenient in the web in the course of time priority list, not easy to grasp.

is now the domestic individual or studio all tools group, but they have the selective release of the basic will not be punished, or advice about novice although easy to use mass but don’t rely too much on mass tool, just take it as a way to save part of the labor force (old saying goes, night road will encounter ghost), recommended to master the Shanghai dragon, later with tools to save labor time.


second, page content increases and causes decrease in the concentration of it is impossible to have a good ranking

Here we suggest a

many do not understand the love of Shanghai Shanghai dragon owners do not pay attention to Links, and so on, say do a lot of a chain is no effect

third, and the "chain" and "chain" please see separate


love Shanghai has always attached great importance to the chain (especially directional anchor text) to see how you do

I want to say is love don’t pay too much attention to the spider (spider don’t love what you give what, therefore lost their initial ideas and goals), in accordance with their own ideas and norms do Shanghai longfeng. Continue to update your content, do the anchor text, unremittingly, spiders love you always.

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