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nofollow said the label, we should all be familiar, some more wicked site in exchange Links plus the label to prevent weight outflow, the exchange links must pay attention to.

In addition the

by using the nofollow link weights to guide key columns or page included the column of deep enough, will need to guide the weight ranking page, grab a spider web key content guide, let the spider in a limited time, to more effectively capture page, so as to increase the amount collected, promote the keywords ranking.

first to understand the different definitions of different search engines on nofollow:

, a centralized website weightThe

: nobility baby nofollow does not track the link does not transfer the corresponding weight


so you can use nofollow to achieve the following results:

website optimization?

nofollow at the end of the day, but plays a website optimization.

, that is, for the love of Shanghai, even though the use of nofollow links, spiders will grab and included, this label is recommended to the current page search engine links page transfer weights only, does not prohibit the spider grab and included. 0 D1 (D U3 S/ L], q

website has many pages are not in ranking, for example: about us, contact us, privacy protection, company profile, website and other links can put them nofollow off, so, the website weight will not transfer to them.

also on the website of some advertising, because these advertisements are allowed to bring their IP and flow, rather than allow the aggravation of the search engine’s weight, so you can also add the nofollow tag to prevent weight loss.

and nofollow on weight are only "advice", search engine will not fully comply with the owners of the set, but there is a sense of a relatively perfect judge link algorithm, specific links are also guided according to the weight, this link is recommended to calculate the significance. The search engine will reference links if there is nofollow, but not just whether the reference links with nofollow tags to determine whether this link leads to weight.

Shanghai: "love does not keep track of link level nofollow, do not transfer the weight and anchor text, link level nofollow is tracking and recording the link anchor text, but not the weight transfer.

nofollow can also be used in what place to help

two, control of weight distribution, to guide the spider crawl the important content of

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