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there is a very important issue, it is time to update the content, must use the original form. Because the spider love original thing, this is the fact that everyone is clear. But to our website to write an original article, this is obviously not realistic. Even a short time can do for a long time, even more powerful and do not master. So do the Shanghai dragon blog here the author suggests that the update site must share some knowledge of the industry, if only for a day of the original writing, ignoring the essence of Shanghai dragon blog, also causes the user experience more and more low.

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in front of "independent blog need to experience the five basic zheteng" have been mentioned in some of the advantages of independent blog, and do Shanghai Longfeng, advantage is more obvious. But Shanghai dragon blog, how to make the best of it, the author from the five basic aspects to analyze this problem:

blog, as the name suggests is to share some of Shanghai dragon related industry knowledge through the form of blog, but in recent years, with the rapid rise of Shanghai dragon industry, how to make a Shanghai Phoenix blog, is a lot of people are considering the problem.

released the site outside the chainThe

here said the Shanghai dragon blog can be independent blog, can also be a free blog, such as Sina and other large NetEase, lies in the blog website. But here the author focuses on the analysis of how to do an independent blog has independent domain name and space.

so this site is updated, the author suggests to properly update. Can one week only a shared experience, but must guarantee the quality.

Shanghai dragon

and Shanghai dragon blog, send the chain more attention should be paid to this problem. The chain the more the better in fact?. The chain is not much, but is stable, effective and conform to certain rules. As a simple example, if today you sent the article one hundred chain, but effective but only five, the other is spam links, so that the search engine will produce good results. Just mentioned the chain release should also pay attention to law, refers to you yesterday released less than ten, and today the mood to suddenly.

chain is a topic for a commonplace talk of an old scholar, we know that any website, external links are one of the most important parts, the so-called "content is king, the chain is king" that is the truth.


blog, so this site update can only be a person in the webmaster do. Since it is a person, so we will be very limited content updates. As we all know, to do site optimization, every day to do some updates, so as to let the spiders think your website is not the same as yesterday, will be able to meet the spider’s appetite.


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