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server location is very important, it will affect the site’s speed and reaction. We use the server is not independent of the IP is also very important, service "

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PageRank is the PR value, this is the evaluation of the web page of Google division, this is a way of ranking Google computing, is used to identify the level of importance ". The level is from level 0-10, 10 level full marks. The higher the level that the page popularity is higher, PR analysis is very important to the website, it can know the web popularity.

in the analysis of domain name, not what so exquisite, just look at the website of the age of the domain name can be. Love Shanghai more like old domain name, because the old domain is relatively stable, but also love Shanghai more confidence in the old domain, so that the longer the higher the weight. The railway station is just up to the railway station, Shanghai love lacking spirit of cooperation, trust is not so high, the weight is naturally low.

domain name weight high, I was very hard to compete with the past, in the range of 2 1- weight weight better said, if it is more than 3 of the weight of it is hard to say, personal ability is not competitive in the past. In more than three of the weight of a rival team to compete in order to fight against, and also between the team can cooperate with each other. So the analysis of weight and height of the web site is a process very necessary.




Internet search needs we have to analyze the positioning at the opponent on the site. Is the main site is that marketing target or to build brand as the goal, or to provide access to information flow as the goal, the three important points. At the same time to target customers, pay attention to the website website theme and website development orientation in the future. Through these analysis, can have some understanding of the competition, the so-called know ourselves baizhanbudai, but also can find the gaps in the industry, reduce the pressure of competition.


domain name analysis

last time we talked about from seven aspects to analyze the keywords of the degree of competition, this time to talk about how to analyze competitor’s website. As a Shanghai dragon specialist competitor analysis site is the most basic skills, do not know if the competitor analysis site is not Shanghai Longfeng professional personnel. The following is my experience accumulated over the years of out for everyone to see, but also do not know what to see how Shanghai Longfeng specialist competitor analysis site. The analysis of competitors website is the priority among priorities in the website optimization, analysis you may not even know whether there is opportunity than the opponent, not more than the opponent’s website, you do not have the words, because you don’t have a chance to get traffic home. Well, nonsense not say we begin to analyze the competitor’s website.

website weight analysis

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