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if it is still used to update the site collection, you can clearly tell you that your site can be set aside, since the love of Shanghai is now cracking down on acquisition is severe, so we will not be hit to the muzzle, what we should do now is to stop collecting, improve the quality of the original web content.

Since the love of Shanghai

many webmaster is a headache thing for updates, especially now prohibit the use of the acquisition stage, all need to rely on their own and to update the original, so for a long time with the acquisition of the webmaster can be said to be a mental and physical work more tired of living, but I have to own website can in a short time to let Shanghai to love a good ranking and rapid withdrawal of our punishment only if we persist in this way, since then we have been punished more updated daily to strictly abide by the discipline, especially not on a whim every day, suddenly a few days do not want to update the website and then put the throw in don’t leave it there, we must eradicate this problem.

five, the website of the future direction to clear positioning

recently love Shanghai made a large area renewal adjustment, basically a lot of collection sites are all punished and included reducing the problem, it seems that this is the love of Shanghai spent a lot of effort to strike hard for many owners to use this acquisition, acquisition in the end or basket so I will draw water with a sieve, today to talk about our webmaster how to deal with the love in Shanghai and a collection site.


want to establish a good site and a rich content, it is the original content of your site is the largest and most giant readability, such a website is a boutique site, so we must have a change to a concept, we do not have to site content however, we must ensure that the readability of the content, because now the acquisition too much, so the acquisition of online content basically is overwhelming, so we collected on our website also does not have what good effect, but will bring their own search engine punishment.

can’t go route, so we webmaster should consider the way how to go after what.

three, not three days fishing nets two days of drying

, a ban on acquisition, advocate the original

two, the original article refinement, no more

four, exchange of high quality Links

the collected content to delete, we should do it yourself to increase the high quality of the external links, Links is a very good exchange method, in the search engine optimization Links exchange is very important, so we have to take this as an important thing to do, I recommend you go to the station network to exchange Links exchange we are looking for a snapshot update timely, included more number of sites, but also to our website content matching, such Links is worth us to exchange.

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