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take my earliest example, using the old Y CMS program, later changed his simple, old Y program is easy to use, ASP pseudo static.

We present

as everyone knows, station there has been a growing number of open-source programs, like CMS, PHP168 etc., have you Empire, with Discuz, PHPWIND forum, blog, Zblog, wordpss and so on, all of these provide users free download, this is just a few more than well-known programs, of course there are many unknown to our program, grassroots webmaster, the open source program has enough and use our choice, choose what kind of source station, most of the current owners two main considerations: first, starting from the angle of Shanghai dragon, to see whether the source is optimized included, whether to support the generation of static; two, consider the source code the day after the expansibility and security of the website, bigger, days can be very good expansion.

from now on the market most users of several big source program, the safety of the source code to do good, source developers can prompt programs upgrade play, not what grassroots webmaster from Shanghai dragon menace from the rear; a static point of view, straight were considered most suitable for the establishment of the Shanghai. Phoenix webmaster preferred can generate static source code. Today Qingdao Shanghai dragon with their own experiences on the relationship between source site and the Shanghai dragon, not necessarily, purely personal views.

and so on.A website

here I first directly show my position: "how to choose what kind of source? I think for the best!" why do you say, there are many webmaster, especially new webmaster contact website soon, they think only can generate static website to rank well, included many, easy to optimize. The search engine will be favored, which is the most representative of the source is the dream weaving CMS station, now with the most. But I beg to differ the owners of these ideas, here is not to say that a CMS is not good, but a CMS is really good, I am not a man of good, a lot of people say, because I use it now. But I want to tell some of the angle from the Shanghai Phoenix Station, static and non static ranking is not good, mainly included many factors, sometimes see a source of feeling really good style, but a closer look, but the source is APS, does not support the generation of static, if able to dream the same thought I used this program to generate static unfortunately……. Webmaster encountered this problem in looking for the source when the site is estimated that many webmaster, in my opinion, I choose the most main reason is the dream weaving scalability better, is not able to generate static I really don’t care. Individuals in Shanghai Longfeng also have two years of time, others have handled Shanghai Longfeng sites and sites themselves there are many, I found that many of these sites are not known what source, what more is not static, but the site included, rankings are very good, the website function is very simple, it looks beautiful, ~

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