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3, robots.txt (love Shanghai search keywords robots.txt file usage example ")

love Shanghai updated quite frequently, from time to time pressure spam links, low quality "and so on, webmaster should remember the 2012 6.22,6.28 event, let the webmaster thoroughly to understand, do rankings must follow the rules of Shanghai love and work hard, can not. From 2012 to now love Shanghai updated quite frequently, in fact, carefully read and update every time the punishment found love Shanghai or have been guided to experience as the center station to customers, quality, quality content, in order to better survival. (love in Shanghai over the years to update the search keywords under the "2015 love Shanghai algorithm updates the history and latest ranking rules secret")

4, webmaster map (site map generator, love Shanghai search for "SiteMapX") through the tool can generate 2 kinds, one is the XML format map, this is all on the web page to create a directory, search engine with recognized language to write.

1404 error page in each site will exist, need to do a 404 page, so that users can reduce the bounce rate to improve the user experience of search engine spiders are very friendly.


optimization of the first growth is actually love Shanghai love Shanghai update growth, search ranking and optimization are complementary, first look at recent years love Shanghai’s growth, from which we can see that the optimization is also growing, said a little long winded, you forgive me.

2301 site jump, with and without WWW, the weight is the same, but falling in love with the sea will be considered the two domain names, the weights will be dispersed, under normal circumstances, we will not take the jump to the domain name with WWW, in order to prevent weight dispersion; there is also a good thing company for a domain name, you can put the old station to the railway station to jump. (try to follow or love Shanghai Webmaster Tools website

2011, Shanghai ranked sex, belong to an old traveller, keywords accumulation, station group, black chain, ranking rose quickly. After the 2011 5.20 day love Shanghai big update is turned upside down, what did not wake up (although love Shanghai admitted to update the data caused), in this moment, a little afraid, began to optimize gradually regularization, 8.27 love Shanghai began to publish Shanghai dragon Optimization Guide 2 optimization guidance. 9.16, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform opening, marking the Shanghai love and stationmaster antagonistic attitude to "friendly".


in the face of love now Shanghai, we optimized the novice how to do

After 2012

veteran please bypass, mainly to look at a novice, hope the novice in this field for learning website or opinion in network marketing industry has a new understanding and understanding, empathy can more, to break through their own thinking.

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