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someone changes the site search engine, if do not know, a strength of a chain, updated every day a bunch of articles, and then compared the collected, worry about personal gains and losses. It is not necessary, according to the tracking and monitoring of our long-term revision of enterprise website, the general version of our website update on the line after 2 weeks before the beginning of the new search engine included links. This transition is almost the most short. In this window, you can use the easy to push Polaris soft Wen promotion to the website, which can ensure the visibility of the website will be decreased.

here include the page title, page links, page keyword layout, can not move do not move, can not change, rather than focus on the thematic content and module design of the new channel page, not too tangled old pages.


2. can not move do not adhere to the principle of

, that is to say, you have the best local website source, a one-time adjustment, test content update, then a one-time upload, preferably in the search engine spiders activity when the lowest, so the search your revision is not easy to be spider crawled, what problems can also be quickly modified. To the greatest extent to reduce the influence of the foreign website. Many people love change, and repeated struggles, finally by search engine serious contempt, especially in the site template structure must pay attention to.

1. rush outside the chain and frequent updates is wrong

has included a reasonable solution to redirect links


4. version of the update number of time, must attach great importance to

website is a major work of website development, website website to give new vitality, but also accompanied by many "website complications". Here the so-called "website complications" refers to the site after the revision problems, such as the website ranking drop, site index decreased, website weight loss and other issues, these problems of concurrent optimization work will let you early do become useless. So how can we prevent the website after website, website ranking, website weight index is not affected?

how to solve? The general is 3 strokes, pseudo static redefined path, 404 page Jump, to remind the server redirection settings. If the old site included less then, several aspects of this operation is very simple, but if included large and complex directory structures, do the redirect link >

30 million don’t have good stuff lost

kinetic energy change little change


has a good domain name, such as the original Links, the original high traffic data page. Because the content through precipitation and testing, has been recognized by the engine. If a website is not only completely repeated struggles, the decline of the problem, the worst case is K off the engine at any time, are very likely.

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