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solemnly remind: if possible, it is best not to use the site app love love Shanghai Shanghai direct transcoding adapter. The surface looks easy, but in the long term is not conducive to your site’s ranking. We can think, love the same template in Shanghai there are so many people, you think your website will be included? What is the love of Shanghai site app function in many BUG, causing the site from the PC end to end when the mobile phone is out of order, the website, the beauty of the whole, very affect the user experience so, suggest that we still spend more energy to do a mobile phone terminal site.


mobile phone terminal


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two, the website title and description and PC written separately.

PC end write the title of general control in less than 25 words, describe the general control in 75 words or less, but the mobile phone terminal according to this standard to the case can not be fully demonstrated, which means that we use the PC site if the end of the title and description will cause the user to see the content is not complete, which will affect the mobile terminal site click rate. It is my personal website for example:

a lot of people think to do more of a mobile phone website more trouble, and buy a separate space, update the website content to be updated in all two sites, is a website management. In fact, this is not as complicated as you want. Aiming at the problem of domain name, we directly from the main domain name of a mobile terminal domain, recommend the use of m.xxx贵族宝贝 or wap.xxx贵族宝贝 format, so that people see that is the end of the mobile phone, and many stations also used this format. According to the space problem we never give up in order to save the cost of mobile phone terminal, the small and medium-sized site also can not spend much money.

your company website has a mobile phone terminal? If not your website OUT. We believe that in 2014 when the number of mobile phone users has exceeded PC, but has not caused everyone’s attention. In the per capita mobile phone era, if our website does not have the PC side, it means that we have lost the majority of customers. Then the mobile phone in the end how to do it, please see the following decomposition.

above is the website of our company, we can see that because of my description not according to the mobile phone terminal to write, which cannot be fully displayed, so the user experience is very hurt. So please in the construction of the mobile station must pay attention to this problem, do the website that don’t come to change, more trouble.

three, the mobile terminal to be set separately.


The picture specification

, a mobile phone terminal to have independent domain name and space.



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