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finally, I insist to write original articles every day to those friends, encourage you to continue, do not reprint your article is affected by the harm is not established about your ideas, adhere to the original written, is written almost or because your view is novel, Chinaz and A5 and other major forum the editor will also encourage us to do so. To provide the latest information for the user, provide useful information to authorized users, then the search engine is not recognized, on the contrary, you will be counterproductive.

soft value is reflected here, we do not underestimate the spider’s ability to identify, it can distinguish what is original, what is the pseudo original, so those who are still pseudo original people have to pay attention, you reproduced the benefits of the website is to help others improve the weight and ranking. Anyone love more fresh things, the search engine is no exception.

is usually a lot of people reprint articles, will take you to remove the copyright information, it is one thing to write so many original people are injured, I am here to say something, but it is good for you, after all, the spider has first visit you, then go to see someone, will they found that the content is over from you, the spider can determine whether your valuable content, so as to improve the weight of your site and ranking.

by 贵族宝贝mark.zhiyiwang贵族宝贝 the original release, please retain the copyright information. Finally, I hope a lot of the original, I like this is not well written but also Never mind.

in fact, objectively speaking, their original works reproduced by website is a good thing, the search engine focusing on Web content capture time, such as the same content on the Internet, search engines will decide what is the content source, this article first appeared in which web site, search engine will think this site is the contents of the source site. When more than one article starting from a web site, is reproduced in the amount of 100, the search engine will think this site is very influential, other sites are on him, will give the site weight of other sites and higher ranking.

many webmaster do not want to write their own soft Wen reproduced by others, and this is a mistake quite large, if the article was reprinted more proof of this soft, valuable, you indirectly the quality of chain is also up, Why not?.

remember a few days ago in the forum, someone asked me, my own original articles, and then they go to reprint this wholly intact, no harm to me, my answer is: good for you, or how so many people want to own the article was reproduced everywhere, but the specific I can not tell a truth to this holiday, I went back to see the books, generally understand, then today I intend to share this knowledge.

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