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search keywords

research significance mainly lies in the following aspects:

, that is someone


just started Shanghai dragon website optimization of students, will encounter a problem, the head suddenly thought of a field, without thinking began to do, just think about the keywords or see what others do, how to do it yourself. As a result of this nature is the website ranking does not go on, the website does not flow.

mentioned above to find search volume keywords, and not to find the largest and most popular search keywords, you can also have to weigh the possibility can not be up to do.

search "news" "film" and "entrepreneurship" to "lose weight" and so on such key words are very much, but for the general business and personal webmaster, want to take up this keyword optimization, is almost impossible. There is no perfect team, powerful resources support, you don’t want


still have a dream, if realized? This is nonsense, to face their own, do the planning, how much capacity (the ability is not to your Shanghai Longfeng optimization ability, but the money.

Keywords !To reduce the difficulty of optimization

Shanghai Longfeng optimization, the most important of which is to select the appropriate keywords, choose keywords the first consideration is the key whether anyone in search, then consider the keywords as the target, can not give up optimization. If the wrong direction made in the choice of keywords this link, then the back of the site of Shanghai Longfeng work will be disastrous, so the students to remember, in the choice of keywords when make sure someone is keyword search, and to reach a certain magnitude.

then someone will ask, how to achieve the keyword search volume is appropriate? I can tell you now, the next tutorial will say, continue to pay attention to my

for the most simple example, believe that many students have seen the web page title is the name of the company "Shanghai certain Technology Co. Ltd." similar to this. So imagine how much this keyword search volume? No time when the enterprise brand awareness, this is not simply a keyword search volume, this is a waste of resources to complete the page title

two, the maximum

today to talk about Shanghai Longfeng why study keywords, this class is Liao Wei Shanghai dragon website optimization tutorial Chapter second "the first class" keyword research, but also to understand why study keywords.

Shanghai Longfeng optimization, website operation, is to operate their own website is people, there is traffic, if you set the key words and no one search which is very embarrassing, let alone someone see flow.


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