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established the long tail word list

The first clear concept of


The first

preferred domain, simple speaking is to inform the search engine, so that the main part of the establishment of the index on their website which, for example, some people site their own station, the query is not linked with the WWW domain name, and some site station, is the main domain name with www. This is the site to determine the preferred domain lead to different results, in general, the Zigong Shanghai dragon recommended by 301 redirect determine the domain name with WWW as the preferred site for this domain, comply with industry standards, to facilitate internal weight accumulation. Of course, there are some exceptions, such as the establishment of the early in the site, without the WWW domain name of the rankings than with WWW effect. Although WWW has been confirmed as the preferred domain, this is a normal phenomenon, with the following included normal, when you site query, the search engine has already set the preferred domain, so don’t worry.

The establishment of

navigation, we at most sites, can be clearly seen after entering the site, a very prominent navigation (main navigation) these positions are generally some, such as "company news, about us, contact us and some other unrelated keywords should occupy the main purpose of doing so is in order to provide the user experience, allowing visitors to quickly find the content they want to serve, but in our implementation of the optimization, we must determine their core keywords, but not occupy the main navigation, then introduce the concept of navigation on the site, the suitable position, determine the core keywords anchor text site the weight shown in the form of links. In this way, we can take into account not only improve the user experience, and not to lose the objective optimization strategy. For example, for example, everyone in the process of optimization, the anchor text displayed at the bottom of the site, the navigation Shanghai dragon why for its website, and to display the station link.

had been in the past few days to see only the tutorial, do a good job in a few details of the optimization in the station, do not know if you noticed in the implementation of the optimization process, a lot of people think the station optimization is their main problem all the minor details, time to focus on the content of the website and the chain. As everyone knows, the website only reasonable internal structure, without internal competition, can better play the role of the chain and content, to the effect of icing on the cake.


established the long tail word list, there are many benefits, first determine a web site update direction, establish the long tail word search in the search engine, each article to determine the 1-3 keyword, the keyword is the object of this article is mainly described, in which we identified a good article, keep their words become keywords 贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝/, such as Shanghai dragon /Domain-Name-weights.html this article is "domain name weight accumulation site weight" when this > we in a future article update

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