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is engaged in the promotion of Shanghai Longfeng friends should have such a habit, to come to work every day after the first look at how the ranking of his own company, tui56- Wang Baochen also has this habit. The recent love Shanghai algorithm to adjust the summary: data is not normal, as shown in figure


two. May 2, 2012 love Shanghai algorithm test

believe that over a period of time to promote Shanghai dragon friends all know, the whole page search engine included in the 8 billion page above, while the number of pages in the world more than 20 billion, there are a large number of pages on the Internet are not indexed by search engines, and search the hard disk database engine itself is limited, to access to daily operation and not that far away, just home every day N new website, some old site closed, then Baidu or noble baby or a month you have to pull out a time to carry out large-scale adjustments to the existing data, or some websites closed will form a huge dead link page feedback to customers the more accumulated more, Baidu this general at the end of each month there will be some adjustment.

some time ago on some platforms to see a lot of friends reflect such a problem, we recently ranked ye away, we included it seems a lot less, we do not increase the response link and so on…… At that time, to solve some problems of Bao Chen made some answer, May 2, 2012 love Shanghai algorithm adjusted Kean confirms some of Wang Baochen’s ideas:

When will we find


search Zhengzhou network company ranked first in the www.zzqifan贵族宝贝: you will find the title is the construction of Zhengzhou network company – in. The biggest feature is the site of love Shanghai. 2003-2-21 >

. The monthly data base adjustment

this can not be said that direct adjustment, love Shanghai to launch a new algorithm, not necessarily influence algorithm, after the launch of a new algorithm, I summarize the general pre first test, the test cycle is generally 15-20 days, so some time ago when others asked Chen told him a treasure is Shanghai love the end of the month to update, and then feel may again in the small test algorithm, the new figure:

search before Shanghai dragon love Shanghai has a corresponding content tips, and now search for any regional + Shanghai dragon have the same prompt words: love Shanghai reminds you: Shanghai dragon is a very important work, please refer to the customs in Shanghai dragon that love. This is some time ago (algorithm testing, or are further testing results. ) if you search: Wang Baochen Shanghai dragon or other tui56 Shanghai dragon and other non regional + Shanghai dragon will not appear vocabulary related tips.

three. Love Shanghai new algorithm for testing the effect of

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