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third points, not just to modify your website title, the key is to do some website, just D network test sites are everyday snapshots, but as long as a title change, so the website snapshot will fall. It is recommended that you do not go to change the title of the site, the best time to decide not to modify.

second, now love Shanghai snapshot algorithm of change you to analyze your website, see page appear date and whether the inside pages of the snapshot has love Shanghai. Through this place, I suggest you will be the date of the day in the home position, this is also very beneficial to love Shanghai snapshot update, let love Shanghai know that your website has been updated, and the update is the content of the day, we can refer to this just D network another site 贵族宝贝11483贵族宝贝/ (to Health) this, just D network two times the development of the site, so that the first page of the article is the date of the day, the effect is very good.


believe that Shanghai dragon friends will let love Shanghai snapshot not update a headache, a variety of popular online snapshot update method, such as: updated daily articles, provided the website weights, website snapshot complaints etc.. The above effect is good, but just D network official website, and no more than several operations, how to update snapshot, now to share several methods for snapshot update.

first of all, we need to understand that love Shanghai spider must ensure that your site updated snapshot to crawl your site to every day. Every time I love Shanghai spiders to crawl your site, your site will return a status code, this is the love of the Shanghai snapshot update problem. If your website has been updated, then the return status code is 200, if the generated static pages, not updated, then the status code returned is 304 (remember that just D network is static page). On behalf of the 304 page of the website is not updated, if you love Shanghai spider every time to crawl your site is 304, Shanghai love may not update your snapshot. Just D network solution is to make dynamic web page file, such as 贵族宝贝xxxx贵族宝贝/index.php. Just D network tested, if you have access to the dynamic page return is 200, if it is index.html, the first time is 200, followed by 304. That everybody should see, in fact, for dream weaving friends I don’t suggest you to generate static home, the best dynamic browse. Data analysis: WordPress discuz blog forum, more than 60% of the basic everyday snapshot. Why? Because WordPress is a dynamic page browsing.


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