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so, every time we update it, the traffic is reused. The advantage of using traffic is that traffic can be reused as the language changes. Disadvantages: traffic over time, and constantly being seen through, is the of advertising, so it will be deleted by them,

1. can use to store and release traffic

let’s talk about the first stage, that is, the application of traffic, the most important part is how the flow of storage and reasonable release.


free download download Fetion Fetion, why the specified requirements? Because the deceitful liars with Fetion crooks can get a commission, actually, our network is not a part-time job to do, some only deceive members to advertise the cheat site

still remember people often send you some information about Wangzhuan? Remember others in the space message often appear some information about Wangzhuan? This is our doing. What is the shoulder? Here I will give you a brief introduction to every day to haunt us our

is formed on the fraud in domestic and abroad. Refers to the use of the Internet to their intelligence, knowledge, ability, experience into the actual proceeds of the people. The Internet Anlaoquchou and reflects on the new concept of human centered. With the ancient broker qiá n kè; has some similarity. At present, our domestic use liar, trampled into fraud website, our body from the birth of the first China fraud website "is the" China our network".

if we modify the ‘s slogan, "Beauty video", then the flow will be to the civilians in the

present a shoulder and a net Witkey star has been identified as a fraud site, to pay, they do not have the third party credit guarantee, but directly released and real task a Witkey platform is essentially different.


: for example, I add a beauty :37530378

is through the Internet to their own wisdom, knowledge, ability, experience into actual income people. According to our own network that look like Witkey, at least not yet truly profitable our website. "Our" just want to cheat a separate portal, the name.

wants you to download the software with Trojan horse, will be infected with or steal other accounts, so that malicious spread malicious liar website information. Automatically send money ads to your friends everywhere. Want you to advertise for the website, repeat one thousand times, turn the lie into truth. Use a variety of links, a variety of hot keywords, a variety of advertising means to pollute the line of sight of users.

plus fraud MLM, the first mobile phone you want to register now off the shoulder, some hair message, first buckle your high information costs.


nets are not long ago by our Witkey star liar website evolved, scammers just change the packaging, instead of head and face, and again, the essence of Witkey star and lie is the same as our network.

requires 2,

requires 1,

because the traffic coming to our ads page or garbage station every day is uncertain. Maybe they’re coming. The tap opened and closed. Probably won’t come again. Because the flow is invisible and can not touch things. So how do we control the traffic and store them to decide when to release? For example, we can’t find a better profit terminal in a short time, or the traffic during the day is not as good as that in the evening. Then we can store the traffic and release it later in the evening.

The most recent

on my ad page ?

actually uses the advantages of a traffic chain

unified short message fee fraud website: the shoulder, shoulder, shoulder shoulder star, Chinese, Chinese our network, our website, our home fans.

this time, there will be a lot of propaganda to flow with the , if we are in the plus advertising slogan "beautiful pictures", then these will flow into our bus sites in maize.

forum website

, for example, we made an ad page that says. If you click on the following link, you can download the corn bus VIP tutorial forum. So if someone else wants to get this tutorial, then click on it, we put the statistics code, each click the number automatically reduced by 1, until they click all finished, you can download. The point is here: we need to put up different traffic chain advertising links, if only hang a traffic chain, then click 10 times can only count 1 times, and there is cheating risk. In this way, a IP brings you 10 IP traffic chain hits. These 10 clicks are stored in these 10 different traffic chain leagues. By the evening, when you think the right time will be released, these 10 times more traffic will bring you more profits.

2 uses some exchange chains to store and release traffic

, now the corn bus, how to store the traffic:

requires 3,

now there are no any real sense of our website, our existing network liar, cheat all the members according to the following requirements:

, for example, what we said above, if the traffic during the day is not profitable, then we can use the flow chain to store the traffic, that is how to store the traffic,


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