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Shanghai Longfeng odd

do not use the means of cheating, then the search engine of our short punishment is only temporary, we will always be back

5. page link distribution is not uniform, the weight concentration, page weight is too low, resulting in no ranking page.

for the page rank disappears, we should pay attention to timely has several points:

3. is probably the search engine right down, causing the site weight is too low, the inside pages of the rankings are not all.

The quality of

1. because of love in 9.6 Shanghai was launched [not related to static search results page will be dealt with harshly] that if the page website contains pages irrelevant and the theme of the site, will be like Shanghai punishment, it is probably due to the cause of the inside pages of our ranking No.




website optimization is a long-term work, not a one-time, important is to adhere to in the end, don’t give up. Since it is a long-term process, will inevitably encounter frequently adjust the search engine, as long as we timely analysis of the reasons, timely response.


1. is not only the main work is to optimize the website homepage, more is to pay attention to the inside pages of the rankings, because the inside pages can bring a lot of long tail keywords ranking, also can bring good traffic to the site.

4. update frequency is not high, resulting in a decline in the quality of the inside pages.

recently many webmaster website has a phenomenon, the inside pages of the site ranking disappear overnight, many owners are asking the net strange Shanghai dragon, is not the site down the right search engine

then owners face this kind of situation is how to deal with it? The recent frequent adjustment of love Shanghai algorithm, let the webmaster suffering, snapshot pages, disappearance of problems arise without warning.

2. was released outside the chain not only send home link, also send page links, improve the inside pages of the search engine grab frequency.

3. to improve the inside pages, to a more original, more in line with the needs of the user to update the article.

singular analysis shows there are several reasons for this situation:


2. we too much emphasis on page optimization, optimization of the inside pages did not care, in the general page rankings are on the first page of the weight up. In the page layout, keyword density, original and other factors have not done well, the inside pages optimization problem, and now love on the inside pages of Shanghai quality requirements increase, so in general the page ranking fell.

network that no matter how search engines training adjustment, how to change, we change the status quo, has always been committed to improving the quality of the site itself and the user experience as the goal to optimize.

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