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is a powerful subconscious behavior, often in large self ingredients are ignored, like eating our form of sleep, hungry will not consciously looking for food, sleep will not consciously want to sleep, self-esteem hurt will be sad, in this kind of thing, we will form a habit.

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any action has certain guidance in the subconscious behavior, we just don’t know it, this kind of subconscious behavior often in between intangible determines our preferences, behavior, and even love the people, this is very magical.

what the subconscious behavior of


?The following memory.

on the Internet this period of operation, in fact the successful experience is very few, if there are one hundred friends to competitive ranking, the first will be only one, but not parallel, this is the cruel reality of the Internet, and the successful experience of only one, a competition in the industry in one hundred, the one thousand competition in the same industry, in fact, successful experience did not increase, but the number of failures are increasing constantly, this is cruel, if there is not enough information to support it, so long time down words only the experience of failure.

memory is a kind of experience in the state, often stored in our brain, once the real touching moment, these brain cortex becomes active, our memories instantly aroused. This is a trigger of the subconscious behavior, often with experience of things, in fact we experienced more, we will be more active in the cerebral cortex, they let us become more and more mature, and can deal with all kinds of things.

this occupation habits, most often and personal preferences, personality and so on are closely related, such as a painter, let it knock code, he did not experience this code fact is often excluded, but also the fear of failure, but if forced him to do, he can do, but to do so it is not necessarily good, itself a habit of resistance, the subconscious self denial, which also successfully self-confidence it.

for some website optimization are compared with those of friends, love direct and effective, and even some very useful tips, although some skills from the technical level is operational, but the cost is difficult to control, often in these areas, we will have a great subliminal influence which affects the operation cost to affect the ranking effect, and so on a series of consequences.

used to experience


indeed, the operation of a large part of the reason is the influence from the unconscious self, and produced a series of behavior results, these controllable behavior is often the source of ID.


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