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file optimization technique, establishment method, some friends will mention soft writing off the reel, but, some friends may be rendered speechless. After all the bad Kung Fu technology webmaster, writing is indeed a quite costly mental activity. This is not because we can’t write, just write out to others see, some resonance but also to evoke the hearts of others, a variety of value added together, let many webmaster fears. In fact, soft writing difficulties, said not difficult, some of the skills and experience we will grasp after a lot of good writing.

is a unique point of view we formed the premise, but this is not all the source of the article, some of the old phenomenon can add their own ideas and understanding is also a successful article. But now the problem is that some friends always think grab a point, with just add your own thoughts can become a successful article. The same topic if not to grasp, is likely to become like you are always hackneyed and stereotyped expressions, content is king, the chain for the emperor in the round, write backward. So, want to write thing, if not the mastery of a word, then choose a "rare" to enter the field.

will have to write the essence to a true skill and genuine knowledge, any unique views are not invented, are meticulous observation and consideration to the results of the industry. And for most of the grass-roots webmaster, we may not in the search algorithm, it is not necessary also is not practical, therefore, for most of the industry not long time of grassroots friends, in a field of writing was invented.

3 does not contact with the outside world, behind closed doors, the lack of practical

1 cognitive level is not high, can not write

we can not write what are the reasons?


, WeChat hot let us witness some from the media frenzy. Indeed they will make some analysis on the phenomenon of us to broaden our horizons, so some webmaster friends also began to practice them closed, began to study various Internet stories, trying to grasp the inherent laws, in order to write a shocking article. The practice of this writing but no ground for blame, the premise is practical, you refuse to communicate with the outside world, will inevitably make the article "highbrow", even otherworldly, one of the most funny example is a friend heard of WeChat began to limit the circle of friends, began to study various, want to write an article on WeChat sellers is Arabian Nights the result? Not long ago, WeChat launched the WeChat store, waiting for him to write the article.

2 to write something new not hackneyed and stereotyped expressions,

can apply to write good articles, we must first have a detailed understanding of their own, so we can’t write out what are the reasons?

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