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2, the high quality of the content of

?Design of

‘s real intention is to allow users to stay longer on the site, there are more opportunities for user demand sales, improve the conversion rate. The website design will leave a deep impact, and high quality.

professional in particular to grasp the visual design, for users to enter the site feel the style of the page, if the user opened the website that can not accept color or website look down, the first impression is very poor. What accounts for a large proportion of the visual design, directly affect search engine rankings and conversion rate.

from the previous survey data shows that the design of an attractive tend to move and attract users, while a poor design will often cause users to quickly shut down, let alone into the product sales page. The site does not meet the user click behavior and structure of reading is not beautiful, confused "directly leads to a high bounce rate and dragged down the average residence time of the whole website. This cycle, which will direct adverse feedback signal to the search engine, of course, the website will not get search engine attention, he said Laiquan heavy

understand the real needs of users is very important, the real purpose of the user is only one: to solve doubts. So the quality of the landing page is more important. The website content must meet audience demand, otherwise, the user will feel disappointed, turn off your website, the reason is that the website content related or not professional, can not really solve his needs. On the contrary, if want to let users stay longer on the site, it must be the quality of the content in the first place, must seek the correlation, high professional, only so that the user can feel the value of the site, to solve the doubt in mind at the same time, even share your content, two promotion and publicity between intangible. It is worth noting that your content is for users to read, is not the search engine.

1, professional design

want to let search engines regard your website, then we need to improve the user experience of the website, the user experience has been to strengthen the search engine, visible user experience is the site to establish the real intention to make the website quality leap, fully demonstrated its effect, it must start and after attach great importance to the user experience to consider the issue, from the user’s point of view, so that it can be more comprehensive grasp and analysis. The purpose of the website is the visitor into demand, let them buy our products, thus improving the user experience is the webmaster of this task and the final goal, but in the actual process but there will be a lot of problems, which have four common elements affect the user experience of

improve the user experience is the most important link is the professional design and has an attractive, site structure and page to impress the user’s heart, let them have heart throb.


3, the navigation guide

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