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network link, also want to consider the internal links "degree" of the problem (the problem is more complex, Liu Xiu in the next article in more detail about), take care of the user experience and browsing efficiency, with hyperlinks to web content natural with a.

> and so on

static (either static or pseudo pure static generated) has to be a place where most people can do, but the standard is still a lot of people will be ignored, for the general business station, Liu Xiu is always the site ahead under the URL plan, usually as follows:

news /news/ /news/company/1/

2.1 breadcrumb navigation

The company introduced Shanghai dragon The

service /service/

The case of

site structure and internal links refers to a web page, are related to each other. The relationship of this, on the one hand is the tree and mesh, aiming at the page level, also need to consider the content of the page’s originality, uniqueness, renewal and other factors, here I only several internal links are commonly used to illustrate the way.

home /

2.2 on the lower page links and related pages related to classification links

above is Liu Xiu do enterprise stand URL structure planning about the URL are removed so that the suffix. Index.php form, the purpose is to let the site more shallow level, get a higher weight.

optimization has become the website construction does not pass the secret, but nowadays the customer awareness of network marketing is more and more of the site in the search engine performance is more and more valued, this article Liu Xiu combined with years of Shanghai Longfeng project experience and construction site service experience, help customers to share their company site when the Shanghai dragon optimization strategy.

1. URL standard

news page subordinate company/contact/

navigation function on the web site of the Shanghai dragon optimization function is very important, convenient to complete the search engine spiders crawling the contents of the entire station, navigation should use text links, instead of using pictures, flash, JS and other search engine spiders poor understanding in the form of a breadcrumb good can let the site structure clear.

This is the way to realize

page /about/ page such as subordinate enterprise culture development course of /about/culture/, /about/history/,


site structure tree and mesh (internal links)

company /case/ page /case/1/

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