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again: love the experience of Shanghai. Outside the chain of questions about love experience in Shanghai, some time ago also wrote the relevant methods of operation, the biggest difference between Shanghai love experience and know is a passive, one is active. >

: first love Shanghai space. Love Shanghai space as the third party blog, the chain is very powerful, webmasters often choose to blog in many places to raise, the love of Shanghai is not a good choice of space, love Shanghai space than the other third party blog functions to much stronger in the face of the user range is very wide, love Shanghai’s account is the same, space, know, Post Bar, are the same, and one of them is K won’t affect other uses. The third party blog is the most important thing is to "maintain", love Shanghai for their products very seriously, the original content in the space will soon be included, and users will appear on the home page in the search, which is conducive to the webmaster to promote their products, but the space is not so well done the relevant reports said the latest love Shanghai space off the spider, the chain will not be in the space of spiders, even this effect, but the domestic love users in Shanghai is still very much, as long as your information can be seen by the user is objective, the spider does not catch it so happened.


second: love Shanghai know. Know the question and answer platform outside the chain of the most stable, and the user search engine related operation, the weight of love Shanghai know is very high. How to use the Q & a platform outside the chain of previously written. But now the love of Shanghai is difficult to know the answer based on the link to add basically is to pass the examination, although the answer can’t add links, but the owners also want to let users see their own information, and can not master the link to the solution to the problem that Shanghai love space, then love Shanghai in the data space with the link, you might say this is not just a few outside the chain? It is better than what you are not better. So is the love of the Shanghai space link, but it is still your own information, as long as it is to help the user to solve the problem mentioned in their own information method, the user will also go to search relevant keywords. It also said the skills of the article. Q & a platform is very important for medical websites, general medical websites are relying on the user inquiry platform to improve website conversion rate, so the webmaster do inquiry platform must pay attention to the user experience, to improve the site’s conversion rate.

Shanghai dragon white is through understanding the optimization of search engine rules, to optimize the site search engine according to the law, is now the largest search engine is love Shanghai, love Shanghai algorithm is constantly updated, the webmaster did not touch the edge of love Shanghai algorithm, often let the webmaster ventilation very depressed. It is understood that the most important for the webmaster of the search engine, take love Shanghai, love Shanghai love their products which is in doubt, then how should the search engine promotion by

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