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by these two changes, Zhang Qiya Shanghai dragon training blog tends to be stable, the update frequency is my daily original articles (sometimes two days a), a chain, has insisted for more than 10 days. Love Shanghai weight again slowly improved, the flow rate of IP increase gradually, Shanghai dragon blog in the overall upward trend.

twentieth days in Shanghai Longfeng update Zhang Qiya training blog, I made some changes to the layout of the website, web site navigation, sidebar settings, layout the inside pages are great changes. In twenty-fifth days, love Shanghai right down to the website, but is a small penalty, delete key words originally the inside pages of the rankings, only the home page ranking. (from this point of view, the website of Shanghai Longfeng try not to change the layout optimization, especially has been included in the page love Shanghai.

I write this blog to Shanghai dragon training is to share some of their own experience, I found a lot of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon Er Shanghai Longfeng optimization are two eyes black, completely rely on guess to do, hearsay, parrot. Some basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon did not understand, but feel impatient, unwilling to calm down and learn from the experience of others. So I once again violated the Shanghai love >


(website chain trends)

during this period, Zhang Qiya Shanghai Longfeng ranking has produced training fluctuations, some have entered the home page keyword ranking directly dropped to third, fourth pages. The main keywords ranking from 35 fell more than 200. (from this analysis, through the webmaster tools to love Shanghai outside the chain, the number of disposable refuse should not be too much, otherwise it will have the opposite effect.

continuous renewal of Shanghai Longfeng training blog has more than a month’s time, all the periods are 100% of the original, perhaps love Shanghai see my efforts, made a good heart, so this is right down the Shanghai dragon again love Shanghai training blog weight.

Zhang Qiya below Shanghai dragon training blog optimization to make a summary of my time. On the seventh day I continuously updated the original article, site of the Shanghai love weight reaches right 1, a part of the keyword ranking. With the increase of the original article, Shanghai also gradually improve the flow of love, love Shanghai IP is expected to gradually increase.

love Shanghai right down is not terrible, this is just a warning to love Shanghai site, a mature Shanghai dragon blog should not appear in the area changed. In thirty-fifth days, Zhang Qiya Shanghai dragon training blog optimization, I love Shanghai through the webmaster tools found outside the chain blog suddenly reached more than 250, but I seldom go to the hair of the chain, through the observation with the link to the page, there are some garbage outside the chain. So through love Shanghai Webmaster Tools chain once rejected refused to 200 outside the chain, the chain now lead to total only 50.

(all website blame)


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