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keywords ranking overall decline, this is often can find performance. Including the main keywords decreased greatly, may from the original top ten drop to 50 or 100 away, may 0.

analysis of the causes, and then take measures according to the reasons. The following reasons:

home page down the right caused the most serious consequences of the station was K.

, a home is love Shanghai right down

on the front page of the site should be the highest weight of the entire website page. Shanghai Shanghai dragon in the process of love in the webmaster friends, many people love Shanghai website ranking algorithm in non adjustment when the decline will be rather baffling. But this time, in addition to the home page snapshot not update, included in the site is still somewhat, and the chain is still in the healthy growth, make people very much puzzled. In fact, at this time, you can observe your home page is love Shanghai drop right.


two, we can’t wait to take countermeasures

but many people ignore the search of the title of the page position. So many people find home page right down, is to wait until their own website out after other things. For example, see the web log, found the number of love Shanghai spiders crawling your site will be reduced. If your site is enough, usually 3-5 minutes a spider love Shanghai. In other words, is less the crawl, not even climb on your site, and the release will be reduced. Every morning, there are likely to see your cup of the original included hundreds of thousands of K.

There are

the above results, after a site to the home page, if you are the one and only TITLE in Shanghai’s first love, that home is not right. On the other hand, is right down.

1, the website is a virtual space, other websites with a IP segment with illegal content, or be in love with.

in the website optimization process, we should not only watch their own website included snapshot, ranking, and Links, chain growth. To observe and track the weights of the home page, often can obtain prior love Shanghai evaluation on your web site, so as to take corresponding measures in time to avoid greater losses.

if your home page snapshot not update according to the law, you can be in love in Shanghai site: your site, see if in the first page. If the home is not the first, did not even appear in the Shanghai love home, so you need to make your home TITLE (generally if the input to the one and only love Shanghai) in the search box, see whether the results of your home page, search your own unique TITLE, the net station is ranked in the first love Shanghai.

is down right home page

most of the people in the rankings suddenly dropped substantially to realize their own website problems. Prior to this, your home is likely to have a warning to you. Methods check the home page is lower right is simple:

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