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first_imgIs he the last romantic of football? “I follow my principles. For the love I feel for football. I was angry that when I announced that I was coming here, they said we were taking steps down That hurts. And more now that I’ve met my team. It is neither one nor two steps down. They have human and football quality. Here came Valladolid and suffered ”(more applause).A special day. “We are in the middle of a story to write. People are working very well on and off the field. I follow the team and see the stands more and more full. I am aware of the responsibility I have. We all want to build something that lasts fifty years. ”Ribot intervenes again. “It is one of the biggest challenges of his sports career. Not many would have come here to be part of a group to go up to the First Division. Esteem’s affection must be valued. He arrives at the club with the best fans in the world. ”Ribot is asked about the option of making a new stadium. “We talked to Manuel Cardeña (he is the Councilor for Sports). We present a plan to the City Council to make a serious, professional and elite team. We had the idea of ​​having great players and we have brought them. ”Challenge? “It’s up to Second Division. We can all assume it thanks to the work that has been done long before it arrives. It is not a challenge that begins today but a long time ago. I join that challenge. I have things to contribute. And I can give many things. As Manuel Cardeña said, we were asked for a new stadium project ”.Barn again. “I come to a top level team. The best team of the Second B. I will have no problem adapting to the category. This is soccer. In Mérida we get a point and we already think of Don Benito ”.Effect called for other players? “The Second B is a competition of great players of great competitiveness and great professionals. The economic aspect is in the rear of my priorities. ”Will they play at La Rosaleda if Marbella ascends? Ribot responds. “Marbella cannot play in its stadium if we ascend. It is not yes or no. You have to find the best stadium for Marbella to play. ”This has not been seen in Marbella for years. “Two messages. One that I feel honored by all the people who have come. And the second message is that all these people are fundamental. They are my two messages. ” The presentation of the Esteban Granero as a new player of Marbella has filled the enthusiasm of the Costa Rican team’s enthusiasm. More than 1,000 people wrapped up the new stage that ‘El Pirata’ already started last Sunday in Mérida where he played his first 20 minutes. On the lawn itself a flirty stage was improvised with a sober screen, the shield of Marbella and images of the player. The act was presented by the journalist Tomás Guasch. “Our Marbella Soccer Club dreams a little bigger,” he said.And Barn arrived while the beautiful anthem of Marbella sounded. Oscar Ribot, CEO of Best Of You took the floor “Today is a day that will be remembered forever in the history of Marbella and Spanish football. The best signing in the history of the entire Second B. That Barn is here with 11 behind him is to dream very big. He said no to proposals from First Division and foreign clubs and millionaire offers for Marbella. Our only goal is to go up to Second Division and then to First Division (fiery hobby). Do not have any doubt that over time we will get it. Next year where Marbella has to be is in the Second Division. ”Barn Shift, acclaimed by a public delivered. “Good evening, great Guasch. I thank you for being here. I want to thank Best of You (the company that manages the club) because he is the main culprit for me being here, mainly Oscar Ribot. We work together at Real Madrid. This is a project to dream big. Where things are done honestly. They make it possible for everything to work so well. For Marbella it is a gift that Best of You and Ribot work for Marbella. For them it is a gift to have Marbella. Since I have arrived here people, the environment and the city show that Marbella is and wants to be great. That Marbella wants to grow and go to Second Division. Dream big. I want to thank my colleagues who have come to this event, technicians and my wife who has come from Barcelona to accompany me. You make me see the greatness of this club, city and project. We will fight to achieve the objectives. You are all Marbella. There is a team that has been working for a long time. Today is second, but it was first. He is working hard and doing things very well. I come to contribute the maximum of what I have. I had never felt so responsible. Twice in life. One when I signed for Real Madrid and another is today (applause). I said no to some things and I said yes to Marbella. I have done it with full responsibility. It’s growing and I have a lot to give and if I’ve come here it’s because of hunger. ”last_img

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