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first_imgThe danger of a new spike in the COVID-19 epidemic will continue to be constant even when 0 daily infections are reached., something that could happen in Italy from May. Until there is a vaccine, going back to normal will be impossible, so The Italian League is studying playing matches behind closed doors and, furthermore, organizing them on neutral fields if those of the home team belong to an area with more risk.For that reason, last week, too There was talk of contesting the 12 days remaining to finish this course in Rome, organizing a maximum concentration of 20 teams in the capital. To see the stands full again, then, most likely, we will have to wait until 2021. Series A prepares to resume its training: All teams are taking steps so that, starting in May, the players gradually return to work in the sports cities. There are still many doubts: the dates on which the competitions will resume are not known, nor if the format of the European cups will change and, in addition, the entities will have to close the negotiations to cut the salaries of the soccer players.The only certainty that leaks these days from Calcium is that in 2020 the stadiums will not reopen for the Tifosi.last_img

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