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first_imgDear Editor,It is now five months since I was shot at my home. As far as I know no one has been arrested.Reports have been made by me to the police about a certain individual who is accused of being a prominent drug dealer in at least 5 schools. Persons have approached me to say that this sad young man has threatened them that if they come forward to identify him they ‘will regret it.’ All this has been given to the police. This is the same individual who I believe was ‘involved’ in the shooting. There are, of course, more ways to be involved than pulling a trigger.Reports have also been made to the American Embassy several weeks ago about a certain young man, living in the USA, who admitted to making the first post, back in January, to blow up our school. According to the police report we were given the same boy was interviewed – his defence was simply ‘it was only a joke.’ Four hours after that posting I was shot and narrowly missed being murdered.He then posted again asking for immunity and promising to give all the information about the shooting if he was given ‘protection’. And then a few weeks ago we were given a recording from the same boy clearly laughing at the shooting. No doubt an erudite lawyer could explain such a recording away in a court of law – commonsense however would yield a different interpretation.Five months later I have heard no more from the police locally or the American Embassy. It could be, of course, that things are indeed ‘happening’ and they are not at liberty to say what, but at the same time surely one is allowed to legitimately feel otherwise.I have now had 30 interviews by media from the UK, USA, Canada and across Guyana – what should be my response when people ask what is happening?Sincerely,Dr Brian O’Toolelast_img

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